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The Absolute Best Places to Eat in Tbilisi

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Follow along as we go on a culinary exploration of the best places to eat in Tbilisi, Georgia. From breakfast recommendations to coffee culture, places to snag a traditional meal, the ultimate “culinary experiences,” and where to grab the finest ice cream cone, this guide has it all.

Of course, we can’t talk about Georgia, or Tbilisi, without a quick nod to their incredible wine scene. All the buzz surrounding Georgian wine is true, it’s some of the best in the world!

So, take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and savor a meal at these awesome and best places to eat in Tbilisi.

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Best Breakfast Places to Eat in Tbilisi

Breakfast isn’t really a “thing” in Georgia. Most cafes and restaurants open later than usual (like closer to lunch time). However, most locals love starting their day with a warm and moderately sized bread, or tonis puri. These come out fresh from the Tone. What’s a tone? This is the name of the actual round clay oven where the bread is baked. Of course, if you don’t mind having a coffee later, try out the coffee culture from these coffee-shops.

Another popular breakfast items is Khachapari. Don’t even think about the calories doused in butter, just try it, and fall in love with this cheesy goodness.

Tones (Bakeries)

Karavanserai Tone, best places to eat in Tbilisi, tone, oven, people, bakery
The underground and awesome Karavanserai Tone

Lets be real, did you even visit Georgia if you didn’t savor a tonis puri fresh out of the oven? This bread is made from basic, pure ingredients, including yeast. Interestingly enough, the dough cooks by sticking it against the side wall of the already warm walls of the tone. After it cooks to perfection, it is peeled off the side of the clay oven.

Karavanserai Tone: Go-To Bakery for Tonis Puri

Karavanserai Tone might be the cities most popular and “underground” bakery. Locals and tourists alike come here throughout the day to grab bread fresh from the oven. With an appealing price tag of pastries starting at 1 GEL, there are an assorted variety of Georgia’s favorite baked goodies.

One of my most favorite types of bread in Georgia is Lobiani, a fresh bread filled with a hearty and delicious kidney bean filling. The Lobiani is another popular Georgian breakfast item.

Find Them Here: 13/40 Sioni St | Daily: 8:00 – 20:00 | No signage outside to verify this establishment | Take the staircase underground

Honrable Mention: Georgian Bread

One of the best places to snag the popular Lobiani bread is from Georgian Bread. This tiny little shop is hidden on a quiet street, but serves up a large portion of this popular breakfast item for only 1.50 GEL (50ยข USD).

Find Them Here: 7 Shota Nishnianidze Street | Open early morning until the afternoon

Local Tip: Want to know the absolute best way to find a tone? Use your nose and follow the amazing scent of fresh bread. It smells like heaven on the streets of Tbilisi.

Best Cafes in Tbilisi Georgia

table, coffee, pastry, plate, best places to eat in Tbilisi, They Said Books
Sneak upstairs of They Said Books to find a totally adorable coffee shop

Many of the cafes can open late, so die hard coffee lovers may just have to wait for that first Cup o’ Joe. Here are the best places to experience coffee culture in Tbilisi.

They Said Books

This cozy and modern establishment is actually a funky bookstore selling specialty niche and rare books. Head upstairs and grab a seat at the tiny cafe that is serving up spectacular specialty coffee and pastries. There’s also a cafe menu. More than anything, They Said Books is a hip and urban cultural space.

Find Them Here: 10 Giorgi Akhvlediani Street | Daily: 12:00 – 21:00 | Check them out on Facebook

Skola Coffee & Wine Bar

Ok, so I went with the best intentions to have a cup of coffee from Skola Coffee & Wine Bar. However, the wine list and ambiance was so nice, I opted for a glass of wine instead of that delicious second cup of coffee. There’s a nice selection of breakfast items, sandwiches, healthy salads, and soups. Finish off a visit with a slice of cake.

Find Them Here: 80 Zakaria Paliashvili Street | Daily: 10:00 – 20:00 |  Here’s their official website

Eco Garden

A great little place to grab a coffee, “late breakfast,” or a pastry. Eco Garden has an inviting interior and a pleasant garden in the back. This is a quiet spot near the trendy Marjanishvili neighborhood.

Find Them Here: 62, 64-68 Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue | Daily: 11:00 – 00:00 | Official Facebook Page

Khachapuri for Breakfast | Do As the Locals Do….

Adjarian Khachapuri, traditional Georgian food, tarragon lemonade, butter, tablecloth, glass
Adjarian Khachapuri, just do it!

In Georgia, a popular breakfast item is Khachapuri. Khachapuri comes in many different styles and forms, but will include homemade bread, lots of cheese, and don’t forget all that butter! Although there are multiple versions, hands down, my favorite was Adjarian Khachapuri.

Pro-Tip for Eating Adjarian Khachapuri: Rip off a piece of bread, stir up the egg into the gooey and delicious cheese. Say, “OMG, I can’t believe how amazing this is,” and repeat.

So, where are the best places to eat Khachapuri for breakfast in Tbilisi? This favorite foodie item can be found at almost any traditional eatery. However, I’ve included two famous places that are open 24 hours, to satisfy that early morning, or late night Khachapuri craving!

Machakhela (Samikitno)

Ok, so I know I’m usually all about local, family run businesses, but it’s hard not to mention Khachapuri and not talk about Georgia’s most famous chain restaurant, Machakhela. There are many scattered around the city, but the most popular is the one located near Liberty Square. Find all the scrumptious traditional favorites of Georgian cuisine, but in a “fast food” kind of concept. Their Khachapuri is cooked over an open wood-fire oven. Prices are cheap, food is prompt, and service is decent.

Find Them: Scattered throughout Georgia | Try this Location: 5, 7 Freedom Square | 24 hours


Maspindezelo!, best places to eat in Tbilisi, skillet, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, garnish, traditional food of Georgia
Sampling potatoes, mushrooms, and fried onions at Maspindezelo!

Maspindezelo! is another popular place to try Georgian cuisine in a “fast food” setting. Tourists and locals flock here to eat the famous dumplings of Khinkali, but also to enjoy Khachapuri. The prices can be a little higher, but the service is nice. Enjoy the outdoor patio that lines Mtkvari River. Mapsindezelo! is part of a small hospitality chain that has other notable and well sought-out restaurants in the city. More about them here.

Find Them Here: 13, 11 Mirza Fatali Akhudovi | 24 hours

Best Places to Eat Traditional Food in Tbilisi

One of the best ways to delve deep into the culture is to eat as the locals do. Many participate in the activity of “Supra,” which is a giant feast where dishes of food are passed around and accompanied by ever-flowing wine. Oftentimes, a traditional supra will include a toastmaster, or a “tamada,” who leads heartfelt toasts to our ancestors, those present, and relatives near and far. The tamada can be see as a teacher and moderates the feast. Enough of the history, let’s skip to the best part and eat!

Salobie Bia

Salobie Bias may just top the list of my favorite and best places to eat in Tbilisi. There are smaller tables, but also, find large community tables to share space with fellow dinners. The food is delicious and the establishment is artistically decorated. The popularity of this place has boomed, and the restaurant has moved to a bigger space. Make sure to pair a glass of regional wine with dishes that are authentic, but showcase the highest quality of ingredients. Each dish is made with love and it’s so apparent. Prices are reasonable, but the food is above average and delicious. Don’t miss the tomato salad, a dish I still dream about.

New Location: 17 Shota Rustaveli Avenue | Daily: 11:00 – 23:00 | Here’s their Facebook Page

Sofia Melnikovas Fantastiuri Duqani

This restaurant may actually be one of the best “hidden gems” in Tbilisi. Sofia Melnikovas is discreetly tucked away behind the G. Leonidze Museum of Georgian Literature. Walk in to a courtyard and find a beautiful green space with modest tables. While the garden is simple, the food is anything but that. Find complex, layered flavors of traditional Georgian dishes. Some say that Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan may be the absolute best place to eat Khinkali in Tbilisi. The Khinkali here is handmade from scratch with love.

Find Them Here: 22 Revaz Tabukashvili Street | Enter the courtyard behind the museum | Daily: 12:00 – 2:00 | Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan offical Facebook Page

Restaurant Tiflis

Restaurant Tiflis is a great place to try traditional Georgian food on Tbilisi’s hip left bank. Locals love recommending this lively establishment. The restaurant has some outdoor seating with views of the Mtkvari River. The street can be busy with traffic, so it can be a little noisy, but inside are plenty of tables with a modest, yet Georgian flair. Oftentimes, at night, there is live music. Across the bridge, find Tbilisi’s quirky Dry Bridge Flea market.

Find Them Here: 2 Vazha Pshavela Avenue | 24 hours


What about a no fill, REAL deal, simple “hole in the wall” Georgian restaurant? Mapshalia was one of the best restaurants I ate at in all of Tbilisi. The food is delicious and the prices extremely reasonable. Even though the price tag is cheap, the food still maintains high quality flavors and that Georgian charm. The portions aren’t huge, so it’s a great place to order a few different things from the menu to create your own Supra. This is THE place to sample multiple traditional dishes for more than a fair price.

Accompany the meal with a carafe of wine, which pairs perfectly with their homemade dishes. There are only a few small tables, so try to arrive early. Locals fill up these seats fast! The simple decor made me feel like I had stumbled upon one of Tbilisi’s most treasured eateries.

Find Them Here: 137 Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue | Sun – Wed, Sat & Sun: 9:00 – 22:00 / Thur- Fri: 9:00 – 23:00 | See all the love they receive on Facebook

Psst…Mapshalia is located a few blocks from the Marjanishvili Station. See what else there is to do in this hip neighborhood.

Pirsosmani’s Dukani

Pirsosmani’s Dukani is another great little “hidden gem” tucked away behind a large Carefour shopping center. Find all your favorite Georgian dishes at a reasonable price and extra large portions. At night, accompany all those yummy dishes with authentic music. Pirsosmani’s prides themselves on being a music venue.

Find Them Here: 9 Atoneli St, Tbilisi | Daily: 9:00 – 00:00 | Check them out on Facebook

The Best “Culinary Experience” Places to Eat in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is making a name for themselves as a culinary hot spot destination. Between their delightful traditional cuisine and high class wine, Georgia is an up and coming foodie destination. Take it up a notch, and try out these best places to eat in Tbilisi for the ultimate “culinary experience.”


Dinning at Barbarestan is the ultimate dining experience of old meets new, East meets West. The tables and decor are meant to give off that antique sense, but the service is incredibly modern and swanky. A small โ€œteamโ€ takes care of each table, providing all the steps of service. The team, of course, boasts its own wine sommelier. This essential staff member helps pair the perfect glass of wine with the fresh and seasonal menu. The menu focuses on local products and vendors. Believe it or not, 80% of the extensive Georgian wine list can be poured by the glass. The prices are higher, but really, for the service and quality of the food, it’s worth every penny.

Barbarestan has a romantic story that matches the ambiance of this cozy restaurant. This posh establishment pays tribute to Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze, Georgia’s original feminist and beloved poet. This restaurant plays on authentic recipes from her cookbook “Complete Cooking,” which was published in 1914. Legend has it that her cookbook was found in Tbilisiโ€™s Dry Bridge flea market, and she was lovingly resurrected in the form of her timeless recipes. Barbarestan takes her original recipes, adds a dash of modern flair, a pinch of fusion of neighboring countries, and a whole lot of love from the servers.

Find it Here: D. Aghmashenebeli Avenue 132 | Daily: 13:00 – 23:30 | Reservations are essential | Dress code is a little more formal | Make reservations here via their Facebook Page


Pur-Pur is all about that ambiance. Yes, the food is more expensive than most places in Tbilisi, but it’s such an eclectic and romanticized spot. Head up the stairwell and walk into the restaurant, which feels like walking into a perfectly relic treasure box. The menu here is Georgian with a “European flair.” Try the “tapas” for a little smorgasbord of everything. Outside, there’s a great little balcony that offers views of Lado Gudiashvili Square; however, there is major construction happening at the moment. Go in with the reality that the menu is higher priced, but it’s still worth it to grab at least a coffee, or savor a glass of wine from the patio.

Find it Here: 1 Abo Tbileli Street | Daily: 11:00 – 2:00 | Romantic First Date Place | Verify their hours on their FaceBook Page | 2nd Location: 5 Besiki Square

Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant

Schuchmann Wines Chateau, vineyard, Kakheti wine region, amber wine, european method of Georgia wine, wine glasses, grass, clouds, sky, Georgia itinerary
Wine sampling at the actual Schuchmann Wine Chateau

If you can’t make it to the heart of Georgia’s Kakheti Wine Region, make sure to head to Schuchmann Wine Bar & Restaurant. This classy joint is all about bringing the magic of the wine region right to the city of Tbilisi. Schuchmann’s is a blend of European and Georgian cuisine and is serving wine straight from their chateau, located in Kisiskhevi near the wine hub Telavi. Of course, there is wine tasting, which is an experience in itself! Schuchmann serves wine in from both production methods, the authentic qvevri of Georgian and the modern European style. The food here is presented beautifully, but still maintains its authentic roots. Bonus: be pampered by the high end, yet warm service.

Find it Here: 8 Sioni Street | Enter the Tbilisi History Building and head down to the basement | Daily: 12:00 – 0:00 | Here’s their official Facebook Page

Psst… I’ve included Schuchmann Wine Chateau on this fun little road trip from Sighnaghi up to Kazbegi, with it’s stunning mountains and iconic Gergeti Trinity Church. Follow along with this scenic road trip here.

Places to Eat Sweet Treats

If you’ve had your fair share of pastries from the Tones, try these two great spots to grab ice cream!

Cone Culture

cone culture, best places to eat in Tbilisi, food stand, art, ice cream cone, black cone, menu
Yes, I would love a scoop of happiness from Cone Culture!

Ice cream lovers must grab a homemade ice cream from Cone Culture. The flavors are creative and made with love. The cones are handmade as well, and come in a variety of flavors. Try the black cone made with a dash of cinnamon.

Summer Booth Location: 5 Taras Shevchenko Street | Year Round: 29 Atoneli St | Daily: 11:00 – 21:00 | Like them on Facebook

Luca Polare

Scattered around Tbilisi, Luca Polare is serving up homemade ice cream, specialty coffees, and even some fresh cakes. There are a wide range of flavors and sampling is encouraged! If heading to Batumi, it’s possible to savor a scoop while walking along the Black Sea.

Multiple Locations, but I Favor This One: Davit Aghmashenebeli Avenue 125 | Verify all locations and hours on their Facebook Page

Savor Wine in Tbilisi

Finally, make sure to visit some wine bars and cellars while visiting Tbilisi. There are literally places to savor a glass of wine on every single corner of the city. Find everything from family run cellars, intimate wine bars, to wine shops in underground bazaars. Georgia has been producing wine for over 8,000 years, so to say they are masters would be an understatement. What makes it so unique is their unusual method, which includes a qvevri, a clay vessel that is buried underground. In addition, as the wine is becoming more popular, Georgian producers are also using a more modern style. This “European Method” involves steel tanks.

Need some guidance on where to sample wine? Check out this detailed post on 6 unique places to drink wine in Tbilisi.

The Absolute Best Places to Eat in Tbilisi

In short, I hope you come to Tbilisi with a hunger to explore, literally! There are so many unique and authentic places to eat in this humming and lively city. While I only spent a month is Georgia, this basic foodie guide showcases the best places to eat in Tbilisi. Enjoy a local bakery, a tone, or sip on a cup of coffee and discover the cafe culture. Of course, do as the locals do, and sample some Khachapuri for breakfast!

Enjoy a Supra, or feast, at a traditional eatery. Foodies should indulge in at least one high-end culinary experience while in Tbilisi. By all means, always end any meal with an ice cream cone. Finally, see what all the buzz is about and make sure to savor a glass of Georgian wine. The wine uses uncommon production methods, but is oh so delicious!

Have you been to Tbilisi? I am dying to know what you thought about the food! What traditional dish did you love? Did you spoil yourself in a culinary experience? We can’t forget the amazing wine! Did you love it as much as me? Would you add anywhere in particular to the best places to eat in Tbilisi list? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Thereโ€™s a chance this post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small (but grateful) portion of the sale. Thereโ€™s no extra cost to you, and I only promote things that I use and love.๏ปฟ

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