My best Camino packing list female guide

My Ultimate Camino Packing List Female for a Buen Camino

The Camino de Santiago pilgrim route through Spain is one of the most life-changing journeys, both internally and externally. So, how do you pack for one of the most epic pilgrim routes in Europe, or maybe the world?

One of the biggest decisions when planning to walk the Camino is deciding on which Camino route to take. The many diverse Camino routes twist through the mountains, others follow the Sea, but all routes lead to the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela. The towering cathedral is rumored to be the burial site of Jesus’ apostle St. James.

For many pilgrims, this is the end of the road, unless continuing along the Camino Finisterre Muxía.

But in reality, the Cathedral de Santiago Compostela is simply the beginning of an internal transformational voyage.

Planning for the Camino can feel overwhelming, but packing for such a journey shouldn’t be. This Camino packing list female-based guide includes things to consider when utilizing this Camino packing list, the best backpack for the Camino de Santiago, what shoes to use on the Camino, Camino packing list female essentials and intimates, and how to maintain an ultralight Camino packing list.

This is the ultimate Camino packing list for women to ensure a “Buen Camino!”

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Things to Consider About This Packing List for the Camino de Santiago

‎⁨Villatuerta⁩ village Camino Frances route
‎⁨Villatuerta⁩ village found on the Camino Frances route is so picturesque in the morning light

This is my personal packing list for the Camino, but there are a few things to consider when deciding what to pack for the Camino de Santiago. Each Camino packing list will vary on two main components: when you plan on walking the Camino (the season) and which Camino route you walk.

As I walked the Camino as a solo female, this is Camino packing list for women.

Personally, I walked my first Camino, the Camino Frances from mid-August until mid-September on an extended Holy Year. The Camino Frances is the most popular Camino route, so it’s no surprise this Camino route sees the most pilgrims.

The infrastructure along the Camino Frances route is excellent and there are many Albergues (cheap accommodations for pilgrims), hostels, guesthouses, cafes, restaurants, and most importantly plentiful water fountains. To put it simply, the Camino Frances is a worn path that has been walked and utilized for thousands of years and is a memorable and desired route for first-time pilgrims.

While the main focus of this Camino packing list female it can and has been used on many Camino routes. I’ve walked 4 Camino routes and have used this same Camino packing list for the Camino Portuguese and beyond.

Find additional notes and tips that I’ve accumulated from other pilgrims about alternative Camino routes.

Buen Camino translates from Spanish to “good road” or “good journey.” Pilgrims use this as a greeting, farewell, or when walking past each other along the way. However, Buen Camino is a common saying and locals will wave and smile at these encouraging words, too!

Camino Frances Route Overview [The Way of St. James]

The Pilgrim Monument offers stellar views from Alto del Perdon along the Camino de Santiago French Way
The famous Monumento Peregrino at Alto del Perdon

The standard Camino Frances route takes around 33 days and is a total of 779 km (484 miles). The trail starts from St Jean Pied de Port France, crosses over the Pyrenees Mountains, stretches through the vastness of the Meseta, twists through charming pilgrims towns, and incorporates some of Spain’s top historical cities.

The Camino Frances, like all other Camino routes (Norte, Portuguese, Inglés, Primitivo, and Via de la Plata to name a few) ends in Santiago de Compostela at the impressive Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela. Some pilgrims may feel called to walk to the “End of the World” to the Death Coast along the Camino Finisterre Muxia route.

Psst.. The lovely fishing village of Muxia is the perfect place to relax, reflect, and write for a day or two after finishing the Camino.

Tips for Picking the Best Women’s Backpack for Camino de Santiago

Me celebrating finishing the Camino Frances in front of the Cathedral Santiago
Celebrating my arrival to the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela from St. Jean Pied de Port France

One of the biggest decisions to make when walking the Camino (after which route) is probably what backpack to carry. This is an important decision as you will be walking with it every day across mountain ranges, over streams, through cities and villages, and beyond.

There are many things to consider when choosing a backpack for the Camino de Santiago: the backpack size, how many liters, or weight to carry, and what brand.

Here are Some of the Most Common Camino de Santiago Frequently Asked Questions

Wear the Correct Sized Backpack

Every person and body is different, which is why I personally think it’s best to leave the fittings to professionals. An awesome place to check out is REI Co-op, which has pack-fit experts in-store. REI Co-op members can return gear with no questions asked. So, if that bag, shoe, or jacket doesn’t fit right, you can return it!

If you can’t get into an REI, they wrote this useful article on finding the perfect sized backpack.

What Size Backpack for Camino de Santiago?

Again, what size backpack you wish to carry for walking the Camino is a personal choice. I saw pilgrims walking with large backpacks (52 Liters) that were barely packed and others with smaller hiking backpacks that were quite heavy.

In theory, the more room you have in the bag, the more tempting it is to pack it. Less is more and your feet will thank you at the end!

A common rule of thumb among pilgrims is the packing guidance of 10%, which means to ideally carry 10% of your body weight or less.

Top Hiking Backpack Brands

Me hiking the Camino Dragonte with Osprey Backpack
Savoring the valley views along the Camino Dragonte route, a worthwhile detour along the Camino Frances

Hands down my favorite backpack brand is Osprey. Osprey backpacks come with a lifetime guarantee, are high quality, durable, and are built with little conveniences that make a huge difference on the trail. I only carry Osprey backpacks.

I opted to carry an Osprey Kyte 36 L. This particular backpack has been on some of my best adventures in Europe from hiking the High Tatra Mountains in Poland to exploring the Picos de Europa National Park in Spain.

What I love about the Osprey Kyte 36 is that it comes with a built-in rain cover that is removable, has two handy zippered hip pockets, boasts convenient trekking pole attachments, and has a super useful and convenient mesh pocket. Seriously, this is my favorite Osprey backpack, ever.

Finding the right backpack for walking the Camino is less about the brand and more about the fit. Both Deuter and REI Co-op make solid and reliable hiking backpacks.

More Popular Women’s Backpacks for the Camino

Osprey Tempest 20 – 40 L Packs

Osprey EJA 38 or 58 L

Deuter Trail 28 SL Pack

REI Co-op Traverse 32 Pack – Women’s

💬 Real Talk | Choose which backpack feels and fits your body the best, as it will be your daily companion on the Camino de Santiago.

What About Camino Backpack Transfer Services?

There is an option to send your bag forward every day so that you don’t have to carry the weight of the backpack. Always listen to your body and do what feels right.

Pack forwarding services along the Camino typically cost around 5 Euros per bag per day. This is a personal choice and there is no wrong or right way to walk the Camino.

Keep in mind, with the bag services you must send it to private Albergues as the Public Albergues (Municipal Albergue) do not accept bag transfers since they are on a first-come, first-serve basis and do not accept reservations.

Top-Rated Camino Pack Transfer Companies




Tuitrans (Camino Portuguese)

Many of the Albergues have bag transfer envelopes at the check-in desk. Simply ask for an envelope and the volunteers and staff should be able to help.

Camino Packing List Female – Best Shoes for Camino de Santiago

my trail runners next to the Logrono signboard
My Altra Trail running shoes in Logroño Spain

What shoes to pack for the Camino is another huge debate. Some swear by trail runners for hiking shoes, others can’t part with their hiking boots, and others choose to walk in hiking sandals. Like the backpack, the best shoes for walking the Camino are a personal preference. No matter what shoe you choose, it’s important that they are properly broken in and walked in over a variety of terrains.

I wore Altra Trail-Running Shoes and loved them. They were super lightweight and dried quickly. After being caught in a rainstorm, I stuffed them with newspaper overnight, and to my surprise, they were dry by morning. I walked over 525 miles with multiple detour routes on the Camino Frances and they made it to the “End of the World.”

A general rule of thumb for walking the Camino de Santiago is to go at least 1/2 or a full shoe size up as your feet will swell daily from walking.

More Best Trail Running Shoes for Camino de Santiago

Lots of pilgrims love HOKA Speedgoat 5 Trail-Running Shoes. Another great company is Salomon. Alternatively, the Salomon Speedcross 5 GTX Trail-Running Shoes offer a little more ankle support.

Hiking Boots

It seems more pilgrims are shying away from wearing hiking boots on the Camino. Oftentimes they are too heavy and the high ankle can actually cause Achilles Tendonitis to flare up.

Remember, the best shoe for the Camino de Santiago is the one that works for you.

KEENS are a popular hiking boot for the Camino and again, Salomon makes superb hiking boots.

A waterproof boot is not necessary unless walking in the winter or early spring where more rain is possible, especially along the Camino Norte coastal route.

Hiking Sandals

me and my camino walking partner at the 100 KM marker on the Camino Frances
Sporting hiking sandals and smiles with only 100 KM left to Santiago de Compostela

A pair of Sandals is essential for any Camino packing list. Sandals allow your feet to breathe after walking a daily average of 10 – 20 miles a day. Most pilgrims bring a pair of flip-flops to walk around at night and for showering. If staying in the Albergues, it’s best to wear something on your feet in the shower.

Since I walked at the end of the summer, I opted for my Chaco hiking sandals. If I had a mostly flat day, or as I approached the final kilometers of the day I would swap my Altra trail runners for my Chaco sandals.

I didn’t mind carrying the extra weight of the Chaco Sandals because my backpack was light enough, I have no previous ankle issues, and I am used to hiking in sandals. I wore my Chaco Sandals on the Camino for at least a portion every single day.

It’s best to hike with the Chaco Sandals that have open toes and not the wrapping around the big toe. Feet swell when walking long distances daily, so the big toe swells and gets restricted. The open-toe Chaco Sandals also allow you to wear a pair of lightweight Merino wool socks with the sandals for blister prevention.

Camino Clothing [Camino Packing List Female]

Donaji overseeing my female camino packing list
My pup was overseeing my Camino packing list of female essentials

Here’s my top-rated and tested clothing for this Camino packing list female. Since most pilgrims hand wash their clothing at the end of the day, the most important thing to remember when creating a Camino packing list is that all of the clothing is lightweight and quick-dry.

To pack smarter and lighter, each item should have a dual purpose, or be useful in more than one use. Each item is multifunctional.

For example, you can sleep in leggings AND wear them under a dress to visit churches or as an extra layer on a chilly day. I used my scarf to dress up my outfit, cover my legs, and some days as a makeshift towel when my towel was unusable. #pilgrimlife

Hiking Shorts | Women’s Dry on the Fly 7″ Shorts x 1 – 2

I’m obsessed with Women’s Dry on the Fly 7″ Shorts from Duluth Trading Company. They have a variety of different pockets, are quick-dry, and I love the different color options. I bought one pair and ended up going in the next day to buy another.

If worried about room and weight in the backpack, only carry one pair.

More Camino Packing List Female Quick-Dry Short Options

Hiking Pants | prAna Briann Pants x 1

Palace of Gaudì Astorga is an awesome place to visit along the Camino Frances and is home to the Camino Museum
Touring the beautiful Palace of Gaudì Astorga in my favorite pair of hiking pants, prAna Briann pants

I opted to carry a pair of hiking pants, too. I love prAna Briann Pants because they are water resistant, dry quickly, are lightweight, and look more like skinny jeans than hiking pants. As they have narrow ankles, they won’t be for everyone, but I honestly pack these pants for every backpacking trip.

➜ prAna also makes this loose-leg pair of hiking pants, Halle II

In the summer months, a pair of hiking pants may not be essential for walking the Camino de Santiago. However, I wore these on rainy days, and on chilly mornings, and they can come in handy for intrepid routes with bushy overgrowth, like the Camino Dragonte detour.

More Camino Packing List Female Hiking Pants that are Quick-Dry

Quick-Dry Hiking Shirt x 2

I packed one REI Co-op Women’s Sahara T-Shirt and one REI Co-op Swiftland Running T-Shirt – Women’s. Both wicked sweat and both were comfortable, but I ended up favoring the fit on the Sahara T-Shirt more. The Sahara T-shirt was just more comfy.

No matter what kind of shirt you opt for, make sure it’s quick-dry and lightweight. Another popular Camino packing list female shirt is the Smartwool Merino Base Layer T-Shirt.

More Top-Rated Camino Packing List Female T-Shirts

Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirt x 1

Early morning at the Leon Cathedral, which is nicknamed the gayest church in Spain with it's colorful and beautiful stained glass windows
Observing the Leon Cathedral in my favorite Smartwool Base Layer Long-Sleeve Top

The Smartwool Classic All-Season Merino Base Layer Long-Sleeve Top is another Camino packing list female essential item. This long-sleeved shirt is perfect to help protect from the sun or add an extra layer in the early mornings or late nights. It’s also thin enough that it dries quickly in the sun.

Even if walking in the summer months, a lightweight long-sleeve work is a must-pack Camino clothing item.

Browse Camino Packing List Female Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

Lightweight Dress x 1

As this is a Camino packing list for women, one lightweight dress comes in super handy. After walking, a dress is quick and easy to change and it can easily be “dressed up” with a scarf. Oftentimes, I also slept in my dress and wore it when I washed all my dirty pilgrim clothing in an actual washing machine… sometimes it’s just time to break down and do it.

➜ I always carry a C’est Moi Bamboo Dress when I travel. (I own 4 different styles)

Comfy Sleeping Clothing | Top & Leggings x 1

If nights were colder, it was nice to have a pair of comfy clothing to sleep in. For a women’s Camino packing list, a pair of leggings and a top are ideal. I packed a loose-fitting tank top and a simple pair of black leggings, which could also be worn under my dress.

Next time, I wouldn’t bring a tank top as I couldn’t multi-purpose it. Hiking the Camino in a tank top wasn’t a good idea, as my shoulders were exposed to the sun and my backpack shoulder pads rubbed my bare skin. I wish I would have brought another REI Co-op Women’s Sahara T-Shirt.

Warm Fleece or Merino Wool Sweater x 1

Albergue El Pajar de Oncina is a truly awesome detour along the French Way
Enjoying a pilgrim meal in my Thermal Merino Base Layer Top at one of my favorite Camino Frances albegues: Albergue El Pajar de Oncina

No matter what season you choose to walk the Camino, a warm fleece (lightweight is key) or a Merino Wool Sweater is nice for at night. Many of the Albergues are cooler and having something a little warmer after a shower is lovely.

Many of the restaurants have outdoor terraces, so a sweater or zip-up fleece comes in handy.

➜ I carried a Smartwool Classic Thermal Merino Quarter-Zip Base Layer Top

Large Lightweight Scarf x 1 [Camino Packing List Female]

When traveling, I love carrying a large lightweight scarf and the Camino was no exception. I use a scarf to dress up my normal pilgrim outfit or a dress or to throw over bare legs for sacred places. I use my scarf as a makeshift towel and as a blanket when having a picnic. A scarf can also hang over your bed to act as a privacy curtain. A few times I used my scarf as a pillow cover.

Bottom-line, a scarf is a Camino packing list female essential.

Buff & / or Hat for Sun Protection x 1

Me heading in the direction of Samos, a worthwhile detour along the Camino Frances, French Way
My Buff was my main source of protection from the sun, but many packing lists include a floppy sun hat

I opted to carry a Buff to help add an extra layer during cold mornings and I multi-purposed it for sun protection. My buff with UV protection acted as my head protection over my ears, but many pilgrims prefer a baseball cap or a quick-dry floppy sun hat.

Sun protection is super important as heat stroke and overheating can be dangerous and life-threatening for pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago. Try to walk early to avoid the strong afternoon sun. Additionally, don’t forget a pair of sunglasses.

Merino Wool Socks x 3 or 4

Good hiking socks are essentials for any Camino packing list. In my opinion, it’s best to carry Merino wool socks to help keep feet dry with moisture-wicking properties and allow for the foot to breathe.

As this Camino packing list was towards the end of summer, I carried two pairs of ankle Smartwool Performance Hike Light Cushion Women’s Socks. Remember, I wore trail runners and hiking sandals, so I didn’t have to worry about taller hiking socks to prevent rubbing with hiking boots.

I also carried two pairs of crew Merino wool hiking socks with medium cushioning. When I had a blister, I hiked in the thicker socks to help protect my feet.

Many pilgrims swear by sock liners to wear underneath socks to help prevent blisters when walking any Camino de Santiago route.

Rain Jacket or Poncho x 1

There will be rainy days while walking the Camino, especially along the Camino Norte route. I carried my lightweight North Face rain jacket, although I only used it twice. However, I did use it for wind protection more than once and as an extra layer on chilly mornings.

Some pilgrims feel restricted in a rain jacket and prefer to get an oversized rain poncho to cover themselves and their backpacks. It’s all personal preference.

☛ Remember, if your backpack doesn’t come with a rain cover you will want one. Once your gear and clothing are wet, it’s no fun.

Camino Packing List Female Intimates Essentials

Walk your own way on the Camino

Here are my top picks for Camino packing list female intimate items.

Go Buck Naked™ Underwear by Duluth Trading Company x 2 or 3

I packed Go Buck Naked™ Underwear for walking the Camino and they did not disappoint. For hiking and long-distance walks, these undies are a hiker’s dream. Not only are they super comfy, but the fabric is moisture-wicking and helps fight bad odors. Bonus, these undies are quick-dry so are perfect for daily hand-washing at the Albergues.

Go Buck Naked undies come in a variety of cuts and styles. In my opinion, these underwear run a little big, so I usually buy a size down. Women should avoid carrying thong underwear, as long distances can cause unnecessary rubbing chaffing, and rubbing. If prone to chaffing, carry an anti-chaffing balm like this one.

➜ Browse Women’s Go Buck Naked™ Underwear

Saalt Underwear Period Underwear x 2

For the first time ever, I tried out Saalt Leakproof Comfort Bikini Underwear as a sustainable alternative to carrying tampons and feminine hygiene products. I LOVED THEM and used the comfort period undies on days I was spotting, but since they are odor-absorbent and moisture-wicking, I added them in with my daily Camino rotation undies.

I never had any issues with “leaks” and I was always left feeling dry, but some women prefer to carry a menstrual cup or disc as well. Saalt offers bundle packages, that include a menstrual cup, too.

With the long-distance daily walking on the Camino, make sure to avoid the thong to prevent unnecessary rubbing.

💬 Real Talk | Period underwear is a great Camino Packing list female sustainable addition, but may not be for everyone

Supportive Sports Bra x 2

A good supportive Sports Bra is a Camino packing list female essential. I packed two to alternate between the way. I also threw in a super lightweight bralette for at night and walking around in town.

Camino de Santiago Gear List

filling up my water bottle and taking a break along the adventurous Dragonte Camino route
A refillable lightweight water bottle is a must-have item to add to any ultralight Camino packing list

Now that the clothing list is covered, the Camino gear list is essential to have a “Buen Camino.”

Want More Camino de Santiago Tips? Here are 16 Game-Changing Camino de Santiago Tips for First Time Pilgrims

Trekking Poles

Almost all pilgrims walking the Camino use trekking poles. Not only do they help protect your knees, but they can also help with steep trail ascents/descents, assist with stability and balance, and are useful for wet and snowy trail sections.

Leki is a top-rated trekking pole brand along with Black Diamond

REI summarizes all the benefits of trekking poles and how to find the perfect fit

Be mindful that if you are checking your international luggage as a carry-on, some airlines do not allow trekking poles on carry-on luggage. So, you can either check your luggage or opt to buy trekking poles in St. Jean Pied de Port. Don’t worry they have plenty of outdoor gear stores to snag last-minute items.

Browse all the Camino packing list female trekking pole options at REI

Reusable Water Bottle x 1

Bodegas Irache has a free wine fountain for pilgrims
Filling up my water bottle at the free wine fountain at the Bodegas Irache

A refillable water bottle is a must while walking the Camino Frances, where water fountains and spigots are plentiful. I carried my Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide-Mouth Vaccum Water Bottle. This awesome water bottle is lightweight, yet sturdy. Bonus, Hydro Flask offers a lifetime warranty.

Lightweight Sleeping Bag or a Sleeping Bag Liner

I carried both a sleeping bag and a liner, when in reality only needed one or the other during the end of the summer months. Carrying both weighed me down and my Camino packing list wasn’t as lightweight as it could have been.

Due to the fact that I slept only in Albergues during the shoulder season, I found I used my lightweight sleeping bag more than my liner. I carried the REI Co-op Helio Sack 50 Sleeping Bag, which is a little heavy at just under 2 pounds. However, the weight gave me extra warmth at night.

Planning on Sleeping in Albergues? My Favorite Camino Frances Albergues & Helpful Albergue Tips for Pilgrims

Some pilgrims love a silk liner. Sea to Summit makes this lightweight blend of silk and cotton liner (at only 5 oz). If looking for a little warmer sleeping bag liner, especially during the shoulder season and into the winter months, Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner is a good option and weighs in at 8.1 oz. For a larger price tag, the Sea to Summit Spark Ultralight Sleeping Bag Liner is extremely packable, super lightweight, and filled with ultra-light down.

Many of the albergues have extra blankets available during the fall and winter, but that can also be a gamble.

Ultimately whether you decide to bring a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag liner depends on how warm or cold you sleep, what season you walk in, and how much weight you want to carry in your backpack. During the shoulder seasons, you may opt to carry both a sleeping bag and a liner for extra warmth, especially through the mountains.

Camino Packing Tip | A REI Co-op Lightweight Compression Stuff Sack is useful for packing bulky items.

Headlamp x 1

a sunrise along the Meseta in Spain
The sunrises are amazing along Spain’s Meseta

I used my headlamp more than I imagined while walking the Camino. Not only did I use it when starting early on the vast Meseta section of the Camino, but I also used it for early mornings in the Albergues and for late-night bathroom breaks. Some pilgrims opt not to bring a headlamp and just use their phones. It’s all personal preference.

Some of my favorite parts of the Camino Frances were the early mornings watching the sun come up in the Meseta.

Black Diamond Astro 300-R Headlamp is an ideal option as it runs on a rechargeable USB plug and not batteries.

Lightweight First Aid Kit x 1 [Camino Packing List Female Essential]

sewing kit bought from a small local shop in Spain
This small sewing kit was picked up from a small local shop for a Euro along the French Way

A small and basic first aid kit is a must on any Camino packing list. It’s best to carry a simple first-aid kit and add items from the local pharmacies as you go. A blister pack is also a good idea, especially if you’re prone to them. A small sewing kit with a needle and thread goes a long way for big blisters. A lot of pilgrims like Compeed blister pads for blister care.

It’s ideal to carry a first-aid kit with a lot of different band-aid sizes and options. While bandages are available at pharmacies along the way, they can be a bit more expensive in Europe than in places like the United States.

One item that I never leave home without in my first-aid kit is at least one Emergency Blanket. It’s always better to be prepared and Emergency Blankets can be life-saving.

Small Ultralight Day Pack x 1

I carried a Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Travel Day Pack and used it as my “secondary pack” along the Camino Frances. This super condensed day pack is so tiny and compact and I used it as a grocery bag, a purse, a laundry bag, and so many more uses.

I loved this small day pack for running errands in town or exploring the larger cities. Although small, it fits my water bottle, journal, scarf, and an extra layer.

Swiss Army Knife x 1

Basque Swiss Army Knife from CareFour Market
I forgot my Swiss Army Knife, but was able to find this one at the CareFour Market in St Jean Pied de Port for only 5 Euros

Swiss Army Knife is an essential gear for backpackers and useful when walking the Camino. Honestly, I always have one in my backpack and day pack, no matter where I travel.

Quick Dry Towel x 1

Some of the Albergues don’t provide towels, so make sure to carry a lightweight quick-dry towel for after showers.

Packing Cubes [Optional Camino Packing List Female]

I am obsessed with packing cubes because they help me stay organized. Whether it’s my gear, clothing, or toiletries, I always keep them in packing cubes.

However, some pilgrims don’t care for them and just opt for plastic bags or nothing at all. Be mindful that plastic bags can be very noisy in the early mornings at the Albergues.

Hey… don’t forget your Travel Insurance! I love SafetyWing

What to Pack for the Camino Electronics [Optional]

a pilgrim statue located outside the Iglesia de Santa María La Blanca Templar Church in Villalcazar de Sirga
Plaza de Peregrino in Villalcazar de Sirga with the stunning Iglesia de Santa María La Blanca that has connections to the Knights Templar

Some pilgrims choose to leave behind their electronics, but again, that is a personal choice and the benefits of being connected to the world are essential for some.

Cell Phone

John Brierley makes this comment in his guidebook about cell phones “consider leaving it behind- your experience, and that of your fellow pilgrims, will be enhanced by doing so.” I can appreciate this, so I made a compromise.

I brought my cell phone for offline maps, taking photos, and staying connected to loved ones. However, I did not purchase a Spanish SIM card and only connected to the Wi-Fi at the Albergues. This kept me on “the way” and in the moment with no distractions and I was still able to connect with the world at the end of the day. I found this to be the perfect balance (for me).

There are also emergency numbers posted along the way just in case, so it’s nice to have a phone with a SIM card.

Power Bank x 1

Since I take a lot of photos and check offline maps frequently, I opted to carry an extra battery pack or power bank. Sometimes chargers can be limited at Albergues, so a battery pack can come in handy, especially if there are no outlets in the rooms.

Travel Adaptors

If walking the Camino from outside Europe you will need a European plug adapter to charge electronics. I carry a small adaptor or just pick up one once I arrive at my destination. This is a good adapter kit for international travelers.

Ensure that you have all your charging cords, too!


I wore my AppleWatch on the Camino de Santiago to record my daily walking routes on Wikiloc.

More Useful Things for Camino Packing List Female

Camino backpack packed and ready to go
My fully packed Camino backpack weighed less than 10% of my body weight

Here are some useful, but optional items to add to your Camino packing list.


For me, John Brierley’s Guidebook for the Camino Frances was one of the most essential Camino items I packed. His guides are incredibly detailed and focus on not only the external journey of walking the Camino but the spiritual journey as well.

John Brierley publishes guidebooks for almost all of the Camino de Santiago routes, including the Camino Finisterre Muxia.

His books are so detailed that you will only need one guidebook.

Some people opt against carrying a physical guidebook and instead utilize the many Camino Apps available on their smartphones.

Helpful Online Resources for Walking the Camino de Santiago

  • Gronze is a popular Spanish Camino website with tons of useful information for multiple Camino de Santiago routes.
  • Join the Private Camino de Santiago 2023/2024 Facebook Group for the most up-to-date information. Make sure to check the search tab if you have specific questions.
  • Camino Ninja App is a Free Camino App
  • Wise Pilgrim (99¢) is another popular Camino App
  • is an excellent resource for securing private albergues, casa rurals, pensions, and accommodations along all of the Camino routes
  • is my go-to offline map
  • I record all my routes with Wikiloc and there are thousands of hikers who have recorded daily Camino de Santiago routes.

Journal & Pen

Most pilgrims walk the Camino de Santiago for a reason, to heal, to grieve, to celebrate, for religious reasons, or for a spiritual journey. No matter what the purpose of the journey is, one thing is for certain, it will move and change your life.

The best way to reflect and process everything happening along “the way” is to journal.

For me, a journal and pen was a Camino packing list essential item.

Reusable Cutlery Set

A good way to cut down on waste and walk consciously is to bring a reusable cutlery set. EcoVessel WANDERWARE 6-Piece – Reusable Stainless Steel Utensil Set is an awesome cutlery set that has a sleek container and comes in some colorful designs, but for something more lightweight, a simple bamboo utensil set will suffice.

I used a reusable cutlery set when eating along the way. Many times, I stopped at local markets and grocery stores and had a picnic lunch to save money.

Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Storage

Another optional item to carry for this Camino packing list female is a Stasher Reusable Silicone Container. I always carry at least one for snacks and food when hiking and traveling. I used my reusable container to stash leftovers from massive pilgrim meals. These containers also make lightweight toiletry bags!

Charcoal Pills [small pill bag]

Charcoal pills can come in handy for upset stomachs and digestion issues. I carry at least a few and stuff them in my first-aid kit. Charcoal pills are game changers for travelers.

Neck Pouch or Fanny Pack

Many of the albergues don’t have lockers, so it’s best to carry a Neck Pouch or Fanny Pack to keep your values close. This also gives your back a break from a backpack and holds important documents like your Passport, cash, Pilgrim Credential, and credit cards.

Browse Fanny Packs

Only Pack Small Toiletries

Do not carry large toiletries, instead fill up reusable travel bottles. Humangear GoToob+ Large Squeeze Bottle – 3.4 fl. oz is a great option for travelers as the size is just right for carry-on liquids.

Silicone squeeze bottles are super durable and can hold everything from my favorite Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap to sunscreen, which were all items found in my very own Camino packing list.

There are many shops, stores, markets, and pharmacies on the Camino routes, so all of these items can be replaced and replenished when walking the Camino. However, specific brands, for example, Dr. Bronner’s, won’t be available.

My Personal Camino Packing List Female Toiletries

✔ Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap (for hand-washing laundry & shampoo)

Dr. Bronner’s Natural Bar Soap (for body)

✔ Natural Leave in Conditioner

Natural Raw Sugar Deodorant

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Magic Balm (applied to my feet every morning & used on dry sky and lips)

✔ Sunscreen

✔ Hair Ties x 3

✔ Wide- Mouth Comb x 1

Bug Spray

I walked at the end of summer and into the fall, so I didn’t have any issues with bugs. There were flies one day, but I threw on my long-sleeve shirt and buff for protection. I did carry a small bottle of Citronella Essential Oil, which I applied at night to help repel insects.

Some pilgrims use a preventative spray on their gear and to pretreat clothing, like Sawyer Permethrin Pump Spray.

Bed bugs can be unwelcome guests at accommodation options along the Camino.

Bug sprays and sprays for bed bugs can easily be picked up at stores and pharmacies along any Camino route.

Food & Snacks

There are plenty of markets, grocery stores, local artisan shops, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, bars, and shops along the Camino Frances route. The Camino Frances has been walked for thousands of years, so the infrastructure is superb.

There is no need to carry a ton of food as you can replenish along the way. Some useful staples I always kept in my bag were:

✔ Oranges, Bananas, Pears & Stone Fruit

✔ Dark Chocolate

✔ Fresh Baguette

✔ Cheese / Deli Meat

Don’t Forget These 2 Important Things Before Walking the Camino

If walking the Camino Frances from the official starting point in Saint Jean Pied de Port France, make sure to check-in at the Pilgrim Information Office before departing along your way.

Credencial del Peregrino

Pilgrim Passports for the way of St. James and the Camino Fisterra Muxia
Pick up the Pilgrim Passport for the French Way at the Pilgrim Office in St Jean Pied de Port and get the Pilgrim Passport for the Camino Finisterre Muxia at the Pilgrim Reception Center in Santiago de Compostela

It’s better to pick up a Credencial del Peregrino (Pilgrim Passport) from the Pilgrim Information Office than to preorder it. It’s nice to pick up the passport in Saint Jean Pied de Port to get any last-minute trail updates and detours. The Pilgrim Office also provides a ziplock bag to protect the Credencial, which is fantastic, as it’s one of the best souvenirs to bring home from the Camino.

The Pilgrim passport is a €2 donation

Updated Albergue List

The updated Albergue sheet from the Tourist Information in Saint Jean Pied de Port is invaluable, as it gives any recent closures and verifies how many beds each Albergue has. There are also updated prices on the Albergue list and where to find Municipal (public) Albergues along the Camino de Santiago route.

This sheet of paper is an amazing reference when walking the Camino de Santiago.

Overview Personal Camino Packing List Female

Thankful for reaching the 0 KM marker in Muxia Spain with my Osprey Kyte 36 L bag
This Camino packing list carried me all the way to the 0.0 KM marker in Muxia Spain

This is an overview of my actual personal Camino packing list female.

Camino Backpack: Osprey Kyte 36 L (with built-in rain cover)

Camino Shoes: Altra Trail-Running Shoes & Chaco Sandals

Camino Packing List Female Gear List

Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide-Mouth Vaccum Water Bottle

REI Co-op Helio Sack 50 Sleeping Bag

Petzl Headlamp

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .3 Medical Kit

+ Emergency Blanket / Adventure Medical Kits Blister Medic Kit / Charcoal Pills

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Travel Day Pack

Swiss Army Knife

Lightweight Quick-Dry Towel

* Organized in Packing Cubes

Camino Packing List Female Clothing

Women’s Dry on the Fly 7″ Shorts x 2

prAna Briann Hiking Pants x 1

✔ T-Shirts: REI Co-op Sahara T-Shirt x 1 & REI Co-op Swiftland Running T-Shirt x 1

Smartwool Classic All-Season Merino Base Layer Long-Sleeve Top x 1

C’est Moi Bamboo Dress x 1

✔ Sleepwear: Leggings & Tank Top

Smartwool Classic Thermal Merino Quarter-Zip Base Layer Top x 1

✔ Lightweight Scarf


✔ Sunglasses

✔ Hiking Socks: Smartwool Performance Hike Light Cushion Women’s Socks x 2 & Merino Wool Hiking Socks with Medium Cushioning x 2

Lightweight North Face Rain Jacket x 1

Camino Packing List Female Intimates

Go Bear Naked™ Underwear Women x 2

Saalt Leakproof Comfort Bikini Underwear x 2

Sports Bra x 2

✔ Lightweight Bralette x 1

Optional Camino Electronics

✔ Cell Phone

Power Bank

Travel Adapter (if coming from outside of Europe)


Camino Packing List Female Optional [But Useful] Items

John Brierley’s Guidebook for the Camino Frances

✔ Journal & Pen

Bamboo Reusable Utensil Set

Reusable Food Container

Neck Pouch for U.S. Passport, Pilgrim Passport, and Euros

✔ Toiletries with liquids in Reusable Bottles (Don’t forget the sunscreen!)

✔ Bug Spray

✔ Snacks

What to Pick up at the Camino Tourist Information Center

✔ Pilgrim Passport

✔ Current Albergue List

Conclusion | Camino Packing List Female & Camino Packing Tips

My backpack and I made it all the way from St. Jean Pied de Port France to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
This entire female packing list fit inside my loyal, pink, Osprey Kyte 36 L backpack and made it all the way to the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

In not-so short, this is my ultimate Camino packing list for women and all my best Camino packing tips. This Camino packing guide includes: my top recommended Camino gear, tips on shoes and backpacks, and my own personal Camino Packing list of female clothing and essentials.

I wish you a truly magical Buen Camino!

Did you use this Camino de Santiago packing list for women? Is there something else you packed for the Camino de Santiago and loved? What is missing from Camino packing list female essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: There’s a chance this post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small (but grateful) portion of the sale. There’s no extra cost to you, and I only promote things that I use and love.

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