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Thanks so much for swinging by Packing up the Pieces, a travel blog that is focused on traveling slower, deeper, and with the intention to re-awaken the awe and wonder of life.

Find hiking trails and adventures that are off-the-beaten-path, detailed itineraries and guides to inspire wanderlust, my best travel tips, and healing trips to shake your soul. Don’t miss my wanna-be foodie guides or my favorite curative hot springs and healing waters.

Packing Up the Pieces is all about encouraging travel to support a positive shift in how we travel as a collective unit by traveling deeper, more locally, and altering pre-conceived beliefs and perceptions. My hope is that this blog is a source that opens up our minds consciously about the world, other cultures, and ourselves.

Travel really is the gift that keeps on giving and it just may be the bridge that connects us all.

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Oh, Hey There! I’m Megs!

Avid Hiker, Nature Enthusiast & Free Spirit

I’m a solo female traveler with a wandering soul who’s just making the most of this human experience. Originally from a small town in Wisconsin, I’ve had the privilege to visit over 70 countries.

Curious and appreciative of the diversity of our big and beautiful world, I’m fascinated with unique cultures, drawn to Mother Earth and her healing powers, and am always trying my best to immerse and understand local customs and traditions through travel.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve not only lived but worked abroad. From the turquoise shores of the Mediterranean Sea to the intrepid and pristine Alaskan Fjords, I’ve been taking my time and savoring the journey.

My travel style has changed over the years, but I maintain my favorite ideology of slow travel, on a backpacking budget, that supports the local community.

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Some Pivotal Life-Changing Travel Moments

✔ Landing my first international house-sitting assignment in Spain

✔ Hitchhiking through Eastern Europe on my first-ever solo trip

✔ Taking Ayahuasca in the Andes Mountains

✔ Getting locked in Peru for almost a year when the international borders shut due to the health crisis and trekking near Cusco as much as possible

✔ Adopting a puppy from the mountains in the Sierra Sur of Oaxaca Mexico while living there for 6 months

✔ Walking the Camino de Santiago all the way to the “End of the World” which inspired me to walk multiple Camino de Santiago Routes

See the World Through my Eyes

Packing up the Pieces is all about authentic off-the-beaten-path experiences, comprehensive travelogues, detailed hiking, and adventure guides, alongside my personal struggles and heartfelt moments while on the road.

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