What to See in Tbilisi | 22 Worthwhile Experiences

A truly bustling and contrasting city, you may be wondering what to see in Tbilisi. There are a wide range of must do things in Tbilisi, Georgia to truly experience and understand this unique city of contrasts. Tbilisi can leave you “scratching your head,” and leave you contemplating: Are you in the east or west? Are you witnessing timeless traditions, or seeing something modern unfold? There is no other place like it in the world. It is a special place for those willing to accept its quirkiness, and then reap its rewards. Do this, and find the real treasures of this city.

With Russia still occupying sections of the country, it means that all roads eventually lead back or to Tbilisi. There is no curriculum route of the whole country, but rather, Tbilisi acts as a transfer hub. While visiting Georgia, Tbilisi will become an inviting home base. It always welcomes you back from adventures throughout this incredible country.

Trip Planning: Georgia Highlights in 3 weeks

Tbilisi, homes, balcony, clock tower, street lamp, windows, plants, sky, clouds, things to do in Tbilisi
Picturesque streets of the Old Town in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is well known for its Dry Bridge flea market, sulfur baths, and amazing food. Most tourists will visit these points of interest, but to discover the true gems of this city, dig a little deeper. Feel claustrophobic in an underground bazaar, visit a waterfall hidden in the center of Old Town, follow your nose to a Tone, and maybe even pet a friendly street dog.

This itinerary is organized by: activities and things to do in Tbilisi, all the eats and special treats, and places to relax and “unwine.”

Table of Contents

Activities & Things to do in Tbilisi

Peace Bridge, modern bridge, street, Tbilisi, things to do in Tbilisi
Contrasts throughout Georgia like the Peace Bridge, a modern marvel.

Tbilisi’s personality is one of a kind, with a dash of “east meets west.” There are many remnants of the brutal control from prior Soviet times. Georgia is one of the most religious countries in the world, with about 98% of the entire population identifying with some religious group. The majority consider themselves Orthodox Christian.

Traditions run deep here, but the younger generations are starting to branch away from the church, bringing Tbilisi a youthful and spirited personality. The contrasts of old and new, east and west, soviet and urban culture makes it one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

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To understand Tbilisi a little better, take a free walking tour, either a traditional one, or one that focuses on the trendy left bank. This up and coming area is where political street art decorates old traditional buildings. Stroll around the Dry Bridge and visit one of the most unique flea markets, complete with soviet memorabilia. See Tbilisi from the sky via the aerial tramway and climb around the ancient Narikala Fortress.

Ride the aromatic sulfur infused metro and make sure to discover the area around the hip Marjanishvili Street. Old soviet murals and statues litter the metro stations, but be on the lookout for more of these colorful mosaics. Lose yourself in one of Tbilisi’s underground bazaars, a challenging task for those who suffer from claustrophobia! If you see a friendly street dog with a chip in its ear, go ahead and give him some scratches and belly rubs.

Don’t miss these interesting activities and things to do in Tbilisi!

Take a Free Walking Tour

Tbilisi, homes, balcony, windows, cliff, sky, clouds, things to do in Tbilisi, Narikala Fortress, sulfur baths, things to do in Tbilisi
Acquaint yourself with Tbilisi through a free walking tour.

Acquaint yourself with this one-of-a-kind city by taking at least one free walking tour. Tbilsis Hack offers two excellent tours which explore two very different sections of the city.

  • Grand Tour
  • Alternative Tour

Tbilisi Hack Grand Tour

The Grand Tour focuses on the main tourist attractions of Tbilisi. An insightful guide weaves you through the area around Freedom Square and Old Town with fun facts, interesting history, and a general overview on how to appreciate and best explore the city. The tour is interactive. Visit bakeries, try some local snacks, and take a ride up the cable car. The Grand Tour is an exceptional introduction of Tbilisi.

Practical Info on the Grand Tour
  • Cost: Free, but the guides rely solely on tips.
    • Please show your love to the guides!
  • When: Daily, 12:00 & 17:00
    • November 1- April 15: noon only
  • Meeting Spot: Freedom Square
    • In front of the Burberry Store
  • Sign up for Tbilisi Hack Grand Tour here!

Tbilisi Hack Alternative Tour

The Alternative Tour focuses on Tbilisi’s up and coming left bank of the city. This section of town is where traditions fuses with new beliefs and ideals. The soul of this area is the trendy section of town surrounding the Marjanishvili Metro Station. The heart of this area has to be Fabrika Hostel, with its politically charged street art and urban cultural spaces. The guides of this tour take you to real local “hot spots” and share tips and tricks on authentic things to do in Tbilisi.

This tour has a completely different goal and itinerary than the Grand Tour. If you have a few days in the city, the Alternative Tour is definitely worthwhile. Again, Tbilisi Hack hosts an interactive tour by purchasing street food and participating in some wine tasting. I can’t recommend this company enough for encouraging local and immersive experiences in Tbilisi.

Practical Info on the Alternative Tour

Stroll Around the Dry Bridge

Dry Bridge, flea market, vinyl records, carpets, Tbilisi, things to do in Tbilisi, umbrella, leaves, trees
What treasures will you find on the Dry Bridge?

A stroll around the Dry Bridge flea market is a wacky thing to do in Tbilisi. Find vendors setting up make-shift stands along the street and selling almost anything imaginable. There’s lots of memorabilia from the brutal Soviet times. Look for gas masks, old coins, books, antiques, retro cameras, and vinyl records. Of course, sticking to Tbilisi’s theme of contrasts, there is a modern artisanal section of the bazaar. Here, artists sell paintings, handmade jewelry, and pottery. This is a unique market with lots of opportunities to bring home an unusual trinket or souvenir. The Dry Bridge Bazaar is a must while visiting Tbilisi.

Practical Info about the Dry Bridge Bazaar

  • Daily: 11:00 – 17:00
  • Where: Vendors scatter along the right bank of Zviad Gamskhurdia, Tbilisi

Local Tip: Make sure to negotiate with sellers. It’s totally acceptable to bargain, but be fair. They are trying to make a living. The flea market is busiest on the weekends.

Fly High, Ride the Aerial Tramway

aerial tramway, tbilisi, things to do in tbilisi, river, sunset, buildings, rooftops, mountains, traditional homes of tbilisi
Ride the aerial tramway to see Tbilisi from another perspective.

Soak in the views of Tbilisi with a quick and easy ride on the aerial tramway. The starting point is in Rike Park, which is not too far from the futuristic looking Peace Bridge. Use your Metromoney Card to reach the top. If you don’t have one, purchase it from here.

The aerial tramways sole purpose is a commuter veseel, but it provides sweeping views of Tbilisi. The cable car ends in between the towering white statue of “Our Mother of Georgia” and the hilltop Narikala Fortress.

Along this path there are many little viewpoints which show off the contradicting features of Tbilisi. Ride the cable car in Tbilisi to gain another perspective on this photogenic city.

The top of the hill has lots of green space and views of the city’s Botanical Gardens.

Quick Facts About Tbilisi’s Public Transportation System

  • Runs on the Metromoney Card System
  • Valid for the aerial tramway
  • Initial card fee is 2 GEL
    • Keep the receipt to be reimbursed for card purchase.
  • Load the cards from the machines or the vendors at the ticket windows
  • Metro & bus cost 50 cents a passage (Valid for 1.5 hours)

Info on using Metromoney on the Aerial Tramway

  • Single Ride Cost without a Metromoney Card: 7 GEL ($2.20 USD)
  • Cost with a Metromoney Card: 2.50 GEL (75¢ USD)

In My Humble Opinion: A Metromoney Card is essential to explore Tbilisi!

Climb Around the Narikala Fortress

Narikala fortress, bells, bricks, viewpoint of Tbilisi, trees, traditional house of tbilisi, river, cliffs, sky, clouds
Climb around on the Narikala Fortress, free entrance, great views.

The aerial tramway drops off on the hillside near the ancient Narikala Fortress. If looking for an adventure, it’s possible to take the trek from the bottom of the hill, too! The fortress is free to enter. Climb around the crumbling walls, visit the Orthodox church inside, or soak up the 360° views of the city below. Built sometime in the 4th century, this fortress is really quite impressive.

While scaling along the steep walls, get a bird’s eye view of the city’s Botanical Gardens.

Take the path down from the Narikala Fortress. Some of the most breathtaking streets are hidden along the way. Walk past wooden houses with enchanting balconies, or take a detour to quiet little courtyards that are scattered along the hillside. There are plenty of places to stop and take a photo. Many women are selling fresh juices along the winding streets before arriving at the hectic Meidan Bazaar.

Practical Info on Narikala Fortress

Meidan Bazaar, Narikala fortress, things to do in Tbilisi, traditional houses of tbilisi, windows, balconies, car, people, flags, sky
Hike to the Narikala Fortress from Meidan Bazaar, or take the cable car.
  • Cost: Free
  • Daily: 24 hours
  • How To Get There:
    • Hike up from the popular Meidan Bazar
    • Take the cable car from Rike Park

Ride the Metro

Tbilisi metro station, communist mural, soviet era mural, colorful mosaic, people, things to do in Tbilisi,
Ride the Metro to see remnants of the Soviet Era in the form of murals and sculptures.

The underground Metro system of Tbilisi is slick and cheap! The Metro smells strongly of sulfur, but one of the most unique attributes of these stations are the decorations of old Soviet communist murals and statues. The metro stations are have drabby white walls, except for the colorful mosaic patterns that decorate the wall. They remain a brutal reminder of the Russian occupation, which sadly is still a reality for some regions of Georgia.

Make sure to visit the Rustaveli Metro Station which is almost 200 feet below ground with an escalator as long as 400 feet. It’s normal to see people literally sitting down on their voyage down the escalator rather than standing!

Reminders About Tbilisi’s Metro System

  • The city Runs on the Metromoney Card System
  • Cost: The initial card cost is 2 GEL (60¢ USD)
  • Load card up the card from automated machines or manually at the ticket windows.
  • Metro & bus rides cost 50 cents a passage (Good for 1.5 hours)
  • Valid on the Aerial Tramway
    • One-way trip costs 2.50 GEL (60¢ USD)

Discover the Hip Area Around Marjanishvili Street

Fabrika Hostel, Marjanishvili Street, left bank of tbilisi, things to do in tbilisi, street art, graffiti, tree, window, bricks
Urban street art plasters the sides of traditional buildings near Fabrika Hostel.

The area surrounding Tbilisi’s Marjanishvili Street is hip and downright trendy. This area is full of diverse restaurants, different styles of wine bars, and maintains a local vibe. Located on Tbilisi’s left bank, reach this area by the Marjanishvili metor station. The transportation hub is in fact, the heart of Marjanishvili Square. Wander the nearby streets to experience a contemporary and refreshing side of Tbilisi, Georgia.

The streets are splashed with urban paintings and political street art. Following the theme of contrasts, look for leftover mosaics from the not so distant communist times.

A visit to the area around Marjanishvili Street is an offbeat thing to do in Tbilisi.

Look out for Soviet Era Communist Murals

soviet mural, communist mural, communist mosaic, Tbilisi, things to do in Tbilisi, colorful mural
Find reminders of the not-so distant Communist times around all of Georgia.

While wandering the streets of Tbilisi, keep your eyes peeled for remnants left behind from the communist times. Colorful murals, mosaics and monuments line Tbilisi’s buildings, metro stations, and other landmarks. The communist suppression by Russia was brutal and these colorful displays were meant to add a false sense of color to a very bleak and dreary time.

One of the most profound mosaics can be found a few blocks from Marjanishvili Street. This colorful mosaic decorates the side of a bank.

Find This Specific Mural Here

  • 61, Davit Aghmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi

Get Lost in an Underground Bazaar

One of the most unusual things to do in Tbilisi is to get lost in an underground bazaar. There are many shopping centers scattered beneath the city, and more than likely you will run into them by chance. The underground bazaars are not for those who feel claustrophobic. In fact, one of the the largest ones I walked into was overflowing with products, shops, and people, that I quickly had to find my way to the surface! It’s best to retrace your steps, as there are winding concrete channels with multiple ways to enter and exit! A true adventure awaits in an underground bazaar.

The underground bazaars sell mostly clothing, shoes, and other everyday items. Don’t be shocked to find some wine shops and bars nestled in these dark and almost cellar-like spaces.

The most chaotic underground bazaar can be found across the street from Station Square. This underground tunnel system is home to many shops and vendors. Almost any stair case in Tbilisi can lead to an unexpected surprise in the form of an underground bazaar.

Pet a Friendly Street Dog

street dog, Tbilisi, things to do in Tbilisi, tagged dog, sunset, tree
A friendly street dog is tagged, showing its been vaccinated and sterilized.

There are a lot of street dogs running around Tbilisi, but you may notice something that stands out about them. Almost every dog roaming the city has a chip in its ear. Tbilisi loves their street dogs and the city tries to ensure that each dog is vaccinated, neutered or spayed, and ultimately tagged.

Don’t be shocked to see these dogs with buckets of water, blankets, toys, and plenty of food surrounding them along the streets. The street dogs in Tbilisi are often adopted by the passing people, or by caring neighbors who watch out for them and love them. Although they may be a little dirty from running wild, they love a good scratch on the head.

The street dogs with tags are usually approachable and jovial. They will most likely follow you around the streets of Tbilisi, especially if you give them some food and a little bit of love.

All the Good Eats & Special Treats

The traditional food in Georgia is incredible. Tbilisi is finding its way into the culinary world, taking scrumptious traditional food and holding true to it, or playing on the traditions to make a modern delight.

In Tbilisi, enjoy a coffee with an unapologetic urban flair. Grab fresh, hot bread straight from the tone. Don’t miss the chance to eat all your calories for the day by enjoying khachapuri for breakfast! Sample the cherished churchkhela which is sold on the streets, or in the local markets, especially the authentic, Dezerter Bazaar. Slurp up Khinkali, there’s an art in eating these yummy dumplings! Show love to Georgia’s original feminist and eat at Barbarestan. Try a homemade ice cream served up in a black cone from Cone Culture.

The following good eats and special treats are a must when visiting Tbilisi!

Still Hungry? Try these awesome places to eat in Tbilisi

Sip on the Coffee Culture

They said books, coffee, gourmet coffee, pastry, plate, titled table, tbilisi, things to do in tbilisi, places to see in tbilisi, where to get a coffee in tbilisi
They Said Books serves excellent coffee and sweets.

Tbilisi and Georgia isn’t just all about the wine. An “up and coming” coffee culture is emerging with a very modern and attentive approach. One of the most unique coffee shops I stumbled upon was They Said Books. It is a little hard to find as it’s tucked away discretely on a side street.

This cozy and modern establishment is actually a funky bookstore selling specialty niche and rare books. Upstairs, grab a seat at the little cafe that is serving up specialty coffee with love. Check out the cafe menu and order from a selection of pastries. They Said Books is a hip and urban cultural space more than anything.

Practical Info about They Said Books

Order Fresh Bread from a Tone

tone, bakery, underground bakery, tbilisi, things to do in tbilisi, Karavanserai Tone, light, people, brick building
Grab fresh, hot bread from any Tone in Tbilisi.

No visit to Tbilisi is complete without eating fresh bread from a tone. A tone is the name of the actual round clay oven where the bread is baked. The bread is cooked throughout the day, but it’s best to grab one while they are hot and fresh “right from the tone.” What is the best way to find a tone? Use your nose and follow the amazing smell of fresh baked bread.

The bread is made with basic, pure ingredients, including yeast. Interestingly enough, the dough cooks by sticking it against the side wall of the already warm walls of the tone. After it cooks to perfection, it is peeled off the side of the clay oven. This produces Georgia’s most popular bread: tonis puri.

One of my favorite bread in Georgia is Lobiani, a fresh bread filled with a hearty and delicious kidney bean filling. The Lobiani are another popular Georgian breakfast item.

Karavanserai Tone

Karavanserai Tone might be the cities most popular and “underground” bakery. There is no signage outside to verify this establish. The best way to find it is through the delicious scent of baking bread that waft up into the busy street. Locals head here in the masses to stop in for fresh bread right out of the tone.

Find Them Here
  • 13/40 Sioni St
    • Daily: 8:00 – 20:00

Eat Khachapuri for Breakfast

Khachapuri, adjarian khachapuri, cheese break, over easy egg, butter, Tarragon Lemonade, plate, tablecloth, georgia
The breakfast of champions in Georgia!

In Georgia, a popular breakfast item is Khachapuri. Khachhapuri comes in many different styles and forms, but will include homemade bread, lots of cheese, and don’t forget the mounds of butter. My favorite Khachapuri hands down was the Adjarian Khachapuri.

Adjarian Khachapuri is absolutely mouth-watering. It is a homemade bread that is shaped like a boat, covered with delicious cheese, smothered with butter, and has a perfectly barely cooked egg baked in on the top. The best way to eat it is to do as the locals do! Simply pull off the warm edges of bread and use it to stir up the egg, cheese, and butter. If the calories don’t scare you enough, why not toss on some more butter? (Like I do!)

The Georgian Breakfast of Champions!

In true Georgian fashion, skip the coffee and wash it down with a Tarragon Lemonade. Don’t be put off by its florescent green coloring. Tarragon Lemonade is absolutely delicious, and full of sugar!

In Tbilisi, most people enjoy some form of Khachapuri for breakfast. It can be found at almost any restaurant serving up traditional food.

Sample Churchkhela

Churchkhela, grapes, honey, market, produce by the bulk, things to do in Tbilisi, Dezerter Bazaar
Those aren’t sausages dangling, but rather Churchkhela, a hearty snack made of nuts and dried grape juice.

Whether at the market or walking down the street, there’s a chance you’ll see people selling a weird purple item that resembles a peculiar looking sausage. This is not a weird new purple meat, but rather, Churchkhela, one of Georgia’s favorite snacks. Churchkhela contain nuts on a string (usually walnuts) and are covered with a dried and sweetened juice (usually grape juice). Locals refer to it as the “Georgian Snickers.” There are many varietals, and it’s common to have a sample before purchase.

Back in the day, Churchkhela was used to help fuel soldiers. It is a snack that is well-preserved and full of calories and sugar. Today, it makes a great companion while hiking around the diverse mountains of Georgia.

Make sure to sample Churchkhela while in Tbilisi!

Visit the Local Food Market: Dezerter Bazaar

Dezerter Bazaar, seasonings, buckets, honey, bottles, local market, spices, things to do in Tbilisi, tbilisi, local market
Dezerter Bazaar, a truly local market has everything imaginable. Most items are sold by bulk!

A few blocks from the bustling Metro Station of Station Square is a massive and authentic collection of markets, the largest of these being the Dezerter Bazaar. Scattered between quite a few blocks, this market carries everything from fresh fish, buckets of pickled delicacies, seasonings upon seasonings, and multiple varietals of the hearty snack churchkhela. See butchers displaying their best pig heads or carving up steaks from slabs of meat. The market is bustling and extremely local.

The produce section is interesting, with its hefty supply of watermelons being sold out of the back of trucks. Produce here is often sold by bulk with people hauling around large sacks slung over their shoulders. The Dezerter Market connects to other smaller markets, over multiple streets. It seems to go on forever. On top of fresh food, there are smaller shops selling everyday items, too. Anything you desire can be found at the Dezerter Bazaar.

Practical Info

  • Two blocks from Station Square
    • Between Mikheili Tsinamdzghvrishvili St & Abastumani St.
  • The market is in the general area of these streets, it’s so big is covers multiple streets
    • Daily: 7:00 – 5:00

Slurp up Khinkali

Khinkali, plate, dumplings, traditional food of georgia, tbilisi, things to do in tbilisi
There’s an art to eating these delicious dumplings.

Khinkali might be one of the most iconic and beloved traditional foods in Georgia. These scrumptious dumplings are varied, but the most authentic form of Khinkali contains minced meat that is uncooked and placed inside of the flour dough base. Upon being boiled, the flavored juices stay trapped inside.

Eating Khinkali is kind of an art form. The best way is to hold on to the twisted top like a handle and take a tiny bite. Next, slurp out the juices, devour the insides, and work your way down to the “stem.” Most locals don’t eat the stem, so push it aside, and move onto the next one! It’s a good way to keep track of how many you’ve consumed!

Many women keep watchful eyes for men eating these. Legend says those men who have no Khinkali juice dripping down their arms are “keepers,” because it proves they are in fact incredible kissers. Ladies keep your eyes peeled when visiting a dumpling shop!

Best Khinkali in Town?Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan makes their own handmade Khinkali. Slurp on Khinkali while enjoying an intimate garden courtyard. This restaurant also serves up some delicious traditional Georgian food made with love.

Find Them Here
  • 22 Revaz Tabukashvili St, Tbilisi
    • Discretely tucked away behind the G. Leonidze Museum of Georgian Literature.
    • Daily: 12:00 – 2:00

Show Love to the Original Georgian Feminist

Barbarestan, artistic plating, vegetables, plate
Barbarestan, where traditional recipes meets modern and artistic flair.

The best way to support Georgia’s original feminists is by eating at the extraordinary Barbarestan. This is a true culinary experience more than anything. The whole dining experience is based on the cookbook “Complete Cooking,” by Barbare Eristavi-Jorjadze. Believe it or not, this book was published in 1914. She was a beloved poet and writer, but most importantly Georgia’s original feminist.

The romanticized story goes that her cookbook was found in Tbilisi’s Dry Bridge flea market. After that, she was resurrected in the form of her recipes and her legend revitalized. No one knows the absolute truth behind the story, but the story remains as beautiful as this restaurant. Barbarestan takes her original recipes, adds a dash of modern flair, a pinch of east meets west, and a whole lot of love from the servers.

Dinning at Barbarestan is the ultimate mixture of old meets new. The tables and decor are meant to look old, but the service is incredibly swanky. A small “team” takes care of each table, providing all the steps of service. The team, of course, boasts its own wine sommelier. This essential staff member helps pair the perfect glass of wine with the fresh and seasonal menu. The menu focuses on local products and vendors. Believe it or not, 80% of the extensive Georgian wine list can be poured by the glass.

Barbarestan is an absolute must for those foodies looking to experience a culinary treat. Don’t miss this foodie thing to do in Tbilisi.

Practical Info

Eat Homemade Ice Cream

Cone Culture, ice cream, handmade ice cream, black cone, street art, cactus, signs in Georgian, tbilisi, things to do in tbilisi
Cone Culture really does serve up happiness in the from of handmade ice cream.

Ice cream lovers must grab a homemade ice cream from Cone Culture. The flavors are creative and made with love. The cones are handmade as well, and come in a variety of flavors. Try the black cone made with a dash of cinnamon.

Find Them:

Relax & “Unwine” in the Chaos of Tbilisi

Tbilisi can feel a little chaotic, but I assure you it’s in the best of ways. There are places to find solitude and peace. Wander into a magical and quiet “Italian courtyard.” Get a scrub down at one of Tbilisi’s famous sulfur baths. Visit the love bridge, and find a hidden waterfall, in the center of old town. Make sure to stroll past the Flower Market, and stop by the beautiful Orbeliani Square. Next door is the romantic 9th of April Park.

The best way to “unwine” in the city is to sample some underappreciated Georgian wine. From wine bars, cellars, and even wine shops, there are plenty of places to sip on wine, which use the traditional wine making methods of almost 8,000 years.

Slow down, relax, and enjoy another side of Tbilisi!

Wander into an “Italian Courtyard”

Italian Courtyards, houses, windows, trees, vines on buildings, tbilisi
The simple beauty of hidden “Italian Courtyards.”

Tbilisi’s best kept secret may be its enchanting courtyards. In these courtyards, see homes with inviting balconies, vines that serpentine up the old brick wall, and large trees in the center of these miniature plazas. These massive branches offer shade and peace in the chaos of the city.

These special spaces are often referred to as “Italian Courtyards.” There is nothing Italian about them, but rather, are from the influence of nomadic Persian traders that passed through via the old Silk Road. There’s a good chance you’ll find laundry hanging on clotheslines that run in between the small community of homes. Detailed wooden staircases scale the sides of the buildings and join the enchanting balcony. The architecture of these homes are beautiful. These courtyards have a romantic ambiance.

Take refugee in one of these magical spaces. Throughout Tbilisi, look for small open gateways that lead into these Italian Courtyards.

Get A Scrub at the Sulfur Baths

sulfur baths, traditional houses of tbilisi, brick wall, balconies, windows, sky, things to do in tbilisi,
The authentic sulfur baths are found in the center of Old Town.

Tbilisi is well known for its natural sulfur hot springs and may be the influence of how the city got its name, which translates to literally “warm place.” There is a cluster of sulfur baths in one of the main sections of Old Town. Look for the iconic brick domes of the bathhouses, but most importantly, follow your nose. The scent is pungent, but the warm water is excellent for your hair, skin, and may even have therapeutic properties. Locals and tourists alike love soaking in these stinky waters, which is comparable to the scent of rotten eggs. There is lots of Turkish influence in the design and style of these baths.

There’s a wide range of sulfur baths to choose from, some cheap and frequented by locals, others more expensive and mostly catering to the tourists. The bathing experience can range from private to public. Don’t be shy and try getting a scrub by one of the women working at the sulfur baths. The scrubs are an additional fee, but well worth it!

Local Tip

Locals highly recommend Gulo’s Thermal Spa, so I took their advice and booked a private room. Walk-ins welcomed!

Practical Info about Gulo’s Thermal Spa

Prices vary from service add-ons, like saunas and scrubs and the allotted time spent in the bath. The more people sharing the experience, the cheaper the cost!

Moment of Truth

So, what did I really think about my experience at the Tbilisi Sulfur Baths? What should you expect from a visit? Are they really worth it?

Here’s my honest opinion and more interesting tidbits about the Tbilisi Sulfur Baths.

Visit the Love Bridge & the “Hidden Waterfall”

love bridge, locks, bridge, brick wall, cliffs, traditional homes of tbilisi, windows, balconies, colorful homes, sky
The Love Bridge in Tbilisi is a magical place.

Another magical space that you must visit while in Tbilisi is the Love Bridge. The Love Bridge is located past the main section of Old Town with many of the sulfur baths. Follow along the river side, past the stunning old homes built on the cliffs, and arrive at the Love Bridge. It is decorated in a sea of locks, all in the name of true love.

Continue across the bridge, and walk deeper into the gorge. Surprise! There is a waterfall in the middle of the city. This waterfall does not see as much traffic as you’d expect.

Visit around sunset to see this tiny gorge light up in brilliant colors.

Find the Love Bridge Here:

  • 10 Gogirdi Turn

Stroll Past the Flower Market

flower market in tbilisi, things to do in tbilisi, fresh flowers, vases
The flower market has fresh flower, bouquets, roses, and lots of plants.

The Flower Market can be found on the outskirts of Orbeliani Square, in a nearby green and beautiful section of town. The flower market is lined up on Vekua Street with many vendors showing off their large and beautiful fresh cut bouquets. On top of fresh flowers, there are quite a few plants for sale. Vendors set up early in the morning and sell through the night.

After strolling through the fresh flower market, head over to Orbeliani Square. The street create a large and open feeling. Next, continue onto the 9th of April Park. This quiet park has lots of little fountains, benches, and green spaces to relax. Come at night to see the ornamental street lights setting the park a flame.

Find the Flower Market Here

  • 3 Vekua Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Sample Georgian Wine

wine, wine glass, bench, tables, plants, garden terrace, brick building, windows, gate, tbilisi, georgian wine, things to do in tbilisi
Sip on Georgian wine almost anywhere in Tbilisi!

In Tbilisi, there are a wide range of places to relax and sip on one of the country’s best treasures, wine! Relax in a cellar, or at a garden terrace. Oddly enough, there’s even a chance to sample wine in an underground bazaar. Visit a family run cellar in the city limit. There is literally a wine bar sitting on every corner and every street in Tbilisi.

With so many options, don’t know where to start?

Check out these 6 unique wine bars to sip wine in Tbilisi.

A “Quickish” Low-down of Georgia’s Wine

  • Wine may be one of Georgia’s most underappreciated claim to fame.
  • There’s evidence that Georgia has been perfecting wine making for 8,000 years!
  • Wine was more than likely born in Georgia! Thank you Georgia!
  • The process happens in clay vessels, or qvervi.
  • During the harvesting process, the grapes, seeds, and stems are thrown into the qvervi to ferment.
  • A “typical white” wine is actually an amber wine, due to the fermenting process.
  • The red wine is smooth and one of the best varietals (IMHO) is Saperavi.
  • Georgians love chacha, which is a brandy that is made from the leftover seeds, stems, and grapes that were used during the fermenting process.

Where to Sleep in Tbilisi

There are a wide range of places to sleep in Tbilisi. There are hotel chains, luxury hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, and some great budget hostels. Of course, try to always support local businesses!

Tbilisi Art Gate Hostel

Tbilisi Art Gate Hostel is the perfect hostel to get a taste of the famous Georgian hospitality. Alex is an excellent host. He loves sharing things to see and do in Tbilisi and can help give insider tips to explore the entire country. He speaks excellent English, has interesting stories, and treats all of his guests like family.

No matter what time of day you arrive, Alex is always there to let you in and offer you a bed with clean sheets. There is a great balcony out back to enjoy the chaos that is Tbilisi. Alex offers up some of the best advice to really help you connect with the city and to get around Georgia independently. Clean rooms, an excellent host, central location, and free laundry. The best budget hostel in Tbilisi.

Check the availability of Tbilisi Art Gate Hostel here.

Public Transportation Tip: The #37 bus from the airport drops right on the busy street of Nikoloz Baratashvili. The hostel is tucked up on a quiet back street, but faces this main and central street in the old town.

Fabrika Hostel

Fabrika Hostel is THE place to sleep on the left bank of Tbilisi. It is an old soviet sewing factory that is now an urban workspace and cultural center. The whole area surrounding Fabrika Hostel is a trendy hot spot for tourists and locals alike. Gawk at all the street art plastered on the building, or eat from one of the hip restaurants on the back patio. Look for special events like movie screenings and classes on the roof.

This hostel has shared dorm rooms and private rooms.

Check out the availability at Fabrika Hostel here.

Want to Explore More of Nearby Georgia?

Georgia is so incredible, and as stated earlier, all roads lead to and from Tbilisi. There is a nearby wine region, a scenic drive to Kazbegi, and tons of adventures to explore around Kazbegi. Here are some great options to explore more of Georgia from Tbilisi.

Kakheti Wine Region

Sighnaghi, Kakheti wine region, village, brick ruins, trees, sky, clouds, vineyards
Sighnaghi makes an excellent village to explore the Kakheti wine region.

After Tbilisi, why not visit the Kakheti wine region? This is Georgia’s most famous wine region. The little hilltop village of Sighnaghi makes an ideal place to explore this delightful region. It is especially appealing for those travelers without a car, due to the fact that there are multiple wineries and wine cellars to explore within the village limits.

Tbilisi runs multiple buses daily to Sighnaghi.

Take A Scenic Road Trip to Kazbegi

After Sighnaghi, head to Kazbegi. Why not tack on a scenic road trip? The route is spectacular and links together two of my favorite regions in Georgia! En route from Sighnaghi there are a plethora of wine cellars, the beautiful Ikalto monastery, the Ananuri Fortress Complex, and the controversial friendship monument.

Rent a decent car (4 wheel drive vehicles work best). Download a new play list, and be ready to be awed by this gorgeous road trip route.

Check out these 4 must-see pit stops from Sighnaghi to Kazbegi!

Adventure Awaits in Kazbegi

Gergeti Church, kazbegi, mountains, orthodox church, hilltops, clouds, sky, trees, road
The Gergeti Church may be one of Kazbegi’s most dramatic backdrops.

Kazbegi is such a beautiful place, and is jam-packed with nearby adventures. It’s ideal to spend a few days here, but on a time constraint, at least spend the day appreciating the beauty of this little town. Visit the iconic image of the Gergeti Church, take a hike to the Gergeti Glacier, walk in the Truso Valley, or day trip to Juta to gawk at the “Georgian Dolomites.” From there, it’s possible to hike through the Chaukhi Pass and onto Roshka.

The food is on point, and it’s possible to indulge in a “supra,” or feast, with fellow hikers. Whether looking for some adventure, or just wanting to relax, Kazbegi is a small village with unlimited options.

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Final Thoughts | What to See in Tbilisi

In conclusion, Tbilisi is an incredible city with so many things to do and explore. Explore the city by one of the activities like a walking tour, or seeking out a soviet mural. Georgia offers up some incredible traditional food, so indulge in all the good eats and special treats! Appreciate the quieter side of Tbilisi by relaxing in secluded spaces that are intertwined with the chaos of the city. Enjoy it all with a glass of wine in hand.

Tbilisi is the ultimate base to explore the rest of Georgia. Due to the unwelcome occupancy of Russia, Tbilisi is the main transportation hub which allows access to all other parts of this beautiful country.

Have you visited the one-of-a-kind city of Tbilisi? Did you have the chance to explore or do any of the above listed activities? Is there something that you did in Tbilisi that you absolutely loved and is not on my 22 things to do in Tbilisi? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: There’s a chance this post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small (but grateful) portion of the sale. There’s no extra cost to you, and I only promote things that I use and love.

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