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The Perfect Wroclaw 2 Day Itinerary | Highlights & Hidden Gems

There are so many awesome things to see and do in Wroclaw, Poland. With the city’s easy to walk cobblestone streets and a slick public transportation system, many of Wroclaw’s main sites can be seen in a relaxing two days.

Explore the city’s beautiful squares, eat delicious traditional food at authentic milky bars, and visit some unique museums, including a gentrified neighborhood filled with street art. The city can be appreciated from the St. Elizabeth’s bell tower or by strolling casually along the inviting river promenade. There’s a modern food scene on trendy Świętego Antoniego Street, or chase down the day with a shot of vodka from a dingy “shots and snacks bar.”

With so much to see, here’s the perfect Wroclaw 2 day itinerary for all the city highlights and some hidden gems.

Table of Contents

Day 1 | Explore Wroclaw’s Old Town

Wroclaw Old Town, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary, dwarf, bikes, cobblestone street, sky, Old Market Square
Dwarfs may be hiding on the ground, keep your eyes peeled!

Day 1 of the Wroclaw 2 day itinerary focuses on all the awesome things to do in the main tourist areas and Old Town.

Over this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary, search the city for its abstract and quirky and charming dwarves. They can be spotted throughout the entire city everywhere, so keep your eyes peeled throughout your whole visit.

On the first day, explore the grand Market Square and climb the St. Elizabeth’s bell tower to get a different perspective of the city. Next, eat brunch or lunch on the hipster street of Świętego Antoniego. Visit the cities beloved Panorama of the Battle of Racławice Museum. Stop by the Wrocław Market Hall and maybe catch a drink at the Targowa Craft Beer Pub. Stroll through Ruska 46 abc, either in daylight, or catch the florescent lights at night. Better yet, see it at both day and night to see how the atmosphere changes.

Go Dwarf-Hunting

Wroclaw’s dwarves are fun, imaginative, and oftentimes up to no good! These quirky little statues are scattered all around town and are a delight to “hunt for.” It’s said that there are around 175 mischievous little dwarves placed strategically throughout the city. Others would argue that there are well over 350 statues. Regardless of how many, they are enjoyable to “catch” around town no matter how old you may be.

The dwarves can be seen doing tasks that mirror the nearby storefronts. It appears that a lot of these little guys seem to be “living the good life,” by eating ice cream, sipping vodka, or toasting with a beer in hand. I did find one woman dwarf through all my hunting. It will be fun to watch the evolution of these creative figurines that are all through Wroclaw.

It may seem like all fun and games, but these dwarves actually have an interesting past, one that is intertwined with the Soviet Communist era. The dwarf was a symbol of Orange Alternative, a non-violent protest group against the brutality of the communist times. The symbol of a cheerful and hopeful dwarf was often found in the form of graffiti on government buildings and in public places.

After the fall of the communist era, the dwarves reemerged and has become a fun and playful symbol. Tourists and locals alike appreciate these comical icons placed with care and love throughout Wroclaw. They can usually be found tucked away on street corners, hanging out on window sills, or hidden next to doorways, so mind your toes!

Krasnal Info – Tourist Information

Krasnal Info - Tourist Information, Tourist Information Center in Wroclaw, building, windows, cobblestone street, bushes, awning, building
The dwarves have their own Tourist Information Center in Market Square

These silly little dwarfs have their own tourist information center, Krasnal Info – Tourist Information, in Market Square. They have maps for purchase on where to find these cheeky dwarfs, but I think it’s much more enjoyable to hunt them on your own!

Information Center Logistics | Find them here: Sukiennice 12 | Hours: Daily, 10:00 – 18:00 | Official Website

Explore Market Square

The heart and soul of Wroclaw can be found is its grand Market Square. In fact, it’s one of the largest medieval squares in all of Europe. The market square has many restaurants, bars, microbreweries, and shops lining this lively area. Street performers are often entertaining onlookers while children chase after trails of large soapy bubbles. The market square has the old and new town halls, fountains, and bright buildings that almost resemble perfect gingerbread facades.

The main market square has other small off-shooting squares that have massive cathedrals, flower markets, and important monuments. Make sure to be on the lookout for dwarves! They adore Market Square as much as the humans that are passing by.

Salt Market Square, flower vendors, flower stands, water fountain, bright buildings, people, umbrellas, trees, sky, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary, things to do in Wroclaw
The bright flower stands found in Salt Market Square

One of these smaller squares that’s worth a visit is the Salt Market Square. This is one where you can see lots of flower venders lined along a lovely fountain. Swing by here in the morning for lovely photos!

Over this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary, you’ll pass through and return to this inviting living room of the city many times over. Enjoy!

Climb the St. Elizabeth’s Bell Tower

St. Elizabeth's Bell Tower, Wrocław, buildings, square, plaza, rooftops, things to do in Wrocław, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary
Views for day from the lookout of the St. Elizabeth’s Bell Tower

A great way to get another perspective of Wroclaw is to climb the St. Elizabeth’s bell tower. Bravely tackle the climb of around 300 stairs to be rewarded with a complete 360° view of Wroclaw. The squares and buildings are a sight to see from this angle.

St. Elizabeth’s Bell Tower | Standard Admission Ticket: 7 PLN ($2 USD) | Open April – October

Lunch or Brunch on Świętego Antoniego

Pochlebna, plate, food, breakfast, sausage, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary, table, things to do in Wroclaw, coffee, hipster places in Wroclaw
A hearty brunch from Pochlebna, on the trendy street of Świętego Antoniego.

Świętego Antoniego, or Saint Anthony Street is Wroclaw’s “up and coming hipster street.” Walk down and choose from multiple restaurants and cafes that are serving up a range of diverse cuisines. All the establishments on this street follow the theme of locally sustainable, seasonal, and fresh dishes. Each establishment is specializing in a unique niche. Find everything from taco bars to vegan Indian restaurants. It’s possible to grab breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and cocktails, as the street changes ambiance throughout the day.

Don’t miss a chance to grab a smart and sophisticated meal from a trendy cafe or restaurants on Wroclaw’s beloved Świętego Antoniego street.

Psst… Looking for more foodie experiences to have in Wroclaw? Check out these 5 authentic experiences!

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice Museum

The Panorama of the Battle of Racławice Museum is a pleasant surprise and is an “unmissable” site, so add it to any Wroclaw 2 day itinerary. This 360° degree painting goes into great detail about the Battle of Racławice, a gruesome battle between Russia and Poland that happened in the late 18th century. It is one of Poland’s most beloved paintings and was painted in the late 1800’s by Jan Styka. He had other collaborators work on this masterpiece with him, but one of the most astonishing facts was that it was completed within a 9 month time frame. The detail of this canvas painting is remarkable, so it’s truly astonishing when you think about it.

Museum Ticket Information

The tour is verbally guided and it lasts about 30 minutes. There is an audio-guide available in English, which is essential for non-Polish Speakers, as in…. I would have been completely lost without the audio-guide. Make sure to ask for it before entering the panorama space. The tour moves quickly, but is super informative.

Museum Logistics | Hours: Daily, 8:00 – 19:30 April 1 – October 31 (High Season) / Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 – 16:30, Saturdays until 17:30 November 1 – March 31 (Low Season) | Standard Admission Cost: 30 PLN ($8 USD) | Find it here: Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 11

Tickets can be bought in advance online. Same day tickets must be purchased from the museum. This is a very popular museum, same day tickets are oftentimes sold out.

Buy tickets in advance here

Tickets also include entrance into the following Wroclaw Museums:
  • The permanent exhibition at the National Museum in Wrocław
  • The Ethnographic Museum
  • The Four Domes Pavilion Museum of Contemporary Art

Wroclaw Market Hall & Targowa Craft Beer Pub

Market Hall, things to do in Wrocław, tower, people, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary
The beautiful Market Hall in Wrocław

The Market Hall in Wroclaw best asset may just be the stunning building itself. It stands out with its distinct architectural features and boasts high, open ceilings. The mighty clock tower is an iconic city image. This market has been serving the local people for over 100 years. Locals and tourist come here to shop, eat, and interact with one another.

Once inside, the market is filled with produce vendors, flowers, and common day items like lottery tickets! There are many vendors inside selling food and fresh baked goods. If looking for something a little different, try the Targowa Craft Beer Pub.

Targowa Craft Beer Pub

Targowa tap house conveniently sits connected to the bustling market with a welcoming outdoor terrace. There are even heaters for those cooler nights. This establishment is brewing its own beer and taking a modern twist on traditional Polish dishes. The location is excellent and is only a block from the beautiful river and the sprawling green space next to the River Oder.

Targowa Craft Beer Pub | Hours: Daily, 10:00 – Midnight, weekends until 2 a.m. | Check out their FB Page

Ruska 46 abc

Ruska 46 abc is first and foremost a creative cultural hub. This 7,000 square meter space sprawls between a few buildings with a small open courtyard. The area is filled with galleries, workshops, murals, and some interesting neon signs. Recent information says there are now around 50 different creative spaces inhabiting this up and coming communal space. Ruska 46 abc hosts urban events like film screenings, concerts, special exhibitions, and hands-on workshops.

Day or night, Ruska 46 abc should not be missed on any Wroclaw 2 day itinerary. During the daytime, check out all the politically charged street art and graffiti, or stop by a local artists creative workspace. At night, see the neon signs lighting up the street and small courtyard. If you’re lucky, catch a cultural film or concert.

Ruska 46 abc is a continuing work in process. They are creating more than a space, but an area with its own unique culture. From my understanding, there will be no nightclubs, but rather, it will be an innovative place that focuses on small grassroots campaigns, social change, and artistic expression.

Visit this progressive area on the street Ruska 46. The name is the actual street location.

Day 2 | Wander Over the Oder River & Other Hidden Gems

colorful neighborhood of Nadodrze, street art in Wroclaw, Wroclaw highlights, painting, sky, things to see in Wroclaw, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary
Street art in the gentrified neighborhood of Nadodrze

Day 2 of this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary is all about the city’s hidden gems.

On Day 2, head across the Oder River to visit the gentrified neighborhood of Nadodrze. Find not only one, but two courtyards filled with beautiful street art. Have lunch at a Milky Bar, a cafeteria style restaurant that is open for lunchtime and early dinners. Casually stroll along the green spaces that line the River Oder and surrounding canals. Remember, keep your eyes open for lighthearted dwarves today.

If visiting in the summer season, make sure to experience the Wrocław Multimedia Fountain. This is an impressive fountain show that is synchronized to music, lights, and a rotating nightly theme. Afterwards, test out the local ambiance at a “snack and shots bar.”

Visit the Gentrified Neighborhood of Nadodrze

The neighborhood of Nadodrze used to be a little more than rough around the edges, it was strictly dangerous and avoided at all costs. This neighborhood was transformed with the help of locals whom implemented street art as a way to make this area more colorful and bright. Nadodrze has not one, but two, great courtyards filled with street art, sculptures, and 3D murals.

Make sure to visit both of these courtyards! Each is special in its own way.

Find these courtyards hidden on the street of Franklina Delano Roosevelta

Kolorowe Podwórka “Colorful Courtyards” of Nadodrze

The “Colorful Courtyards” of Nadodrze is probably the most popular and frequented courtyard in Wroclaw. It is a large courtyard on which every open space on the buildings is used as a thoughtful canvas with creative murals. Find 3D paintings, graffiti, and everyday objects that have made their way into this living, breathing art museum. It’s possible to visit this courtyard anytime of the day. For me, the morning time was quiet and tranquil.

Galeria Murali Lokalnych

Galeria Murali Lokalnych, mural, people, smiling, building, window, things to do in Wrocław, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary, hidden gems in Wroclaw
Look for the people who inspire and play a major influence in the gentrification of Galeria Murali Lokalnych

One of the colorful walkways leads to Galeria Murali Lokalnych, which is across the street. Most visitors skip this special courtyard, since it is not as covered in street art. However, this courtyard is incredibly special, because there’s a chance to meet the locals who have put their heart and soul into revamping this community.

If you’re lucky, you’ll run into Zenon, a man who is so enthusiastic about his little neighborhood. He carries a book of all those who have passed through and appreciated this space he helped create. Take a photo with him and leave a heartfelt message in his book. His book is a living memorial to his revamped neighborhood, a simple symbol of all the blood, sweat, and tears. His hard work has made this area a tourist destination, rather than a place of darkness and despair. He does not speak English, but luckily I was lucky to be with a local who could translate all of his thoughtful words.

This little courtyard is a memorable highlight on any Wroclaw 2 day itinerary.

Stop for Lunch at A Milky Bar

Milky Bars are not a new concept, but originally from the former Communist times. These cafeteria style establishments are open around lunch time and are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Their low pricing attracts a lot of older folks looking for some social engagements and college students seeking out a home-cooked meal. These establishments are popular and oftentimes have limited seating, so expect to wait for a space at a table to open up. Don’t be shy, find an open chair and interact with locals.

Milky Bar’s have a unique atmosphere, where everyone is socializing and connecting through the beauty and simplicity of delicious home-cooked food. The meal acts as a simple bridge between the diverse people who eat at these traditional establishments. The young, old, tourists, and locals alike can all be seen savoring a meal within the walls of a Milky bar.

A meal and drink will cost usually under 20 PLN ($5 USD)

The rotating menu is only in Polish, so if you can’t read Polish, it’s best to just point at what looks good! Warning, all of the food is amazing, so you may wish to eat at a variety of milky bars over your Wroclaw 2 day itinerary!

A Little More History… Milky Bar cafeteria restaurants were made popular during the Communist time. It was a way for the working class to enjoy a meal out with limited funds. During the time of rations, meat was never available. Milky Bar’s made hearty vegetarian options that would be filling, yet satisfying. Today, these establishments still survive on subsidies issued by the state for their meatless dishes. It helps keep the cost low and the cafeteria full!

Popular Milky Bars in Wroclaw

Bar Mewa and Bar Mleczny Miś are both excellent options to experience a Milky Bar in Wroclaw.

Enjoy the River Promenade

Wroclaw, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary, bright buildings, sky, trees, views near Oder River
An awesome city view near Oder River

The Oder River runs through the heart of Wroclaw, leaving some scenic and tranquil spots to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Find cute little riverside coffee shops and cafes, or enjoy a beer at a floating bar. Little bridges connect both sides of the river and pass through tiny little islands. There’s plenty of green spaces that line the river, so make sure to appreciate these make-shift parks.

The rivers wrap all throughout the city center. A popular section of the river walk is near the Opera house. On warm summer days, grab an ice cream cone from one the many local shops and watch the world go by from an inviting park bench. Locals love the ice cream shop, Lody Naturalne Z Krzyckiej, which pumps out some uncommon and delicious flavors.

Wroclaw Multimedia Fountain

Szczytnicki Park, Wrocław multimedia fountain, water fountain, lights, night sky, things to do in Wrocław, wroclaw highlights, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary
The Multimedia Fountain is a fun, seasonal, nightly show in Szczytnicki Park

Located in the leafy Szczytnicki Park, is the seasonal attraction of the Multimedia Fountain. This impressive show uses music, lights, and water which focuses around a rotating theme. At first, I was skeptical of this synchronized water show, but then I went to it. It was so creative and entertaining! The water shoots from mists, sprays, and hearty geysers, all while holograms and lights dance within the water spectacle. Many people pack around these fountains, so it’s best to come a little early to snag a spot.

Local Tip | Stand around for free, or enjoy the show from one of the rooftop bars and restaurants.

The elaborate synchronized shows run only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights around 9 p.m. There are alternative water shows, every hour, every day, but those ones do not included the extravagant performances. The season is May through October. Water shows last around 20 minutes, with the synchronized shows lasting a little longer.

Even in the “off season,” Szczytnicki Park should be added to any Wroclaw 2 day itinerary. The park offers Japanese gardens, Centennial Hall, food carts, and other points of interest.

Visit a Shots and Snack Bar

Przedwojenna Bistro, snack and shots bar, things to do in Wrocław, dwarf statue, drunk dwarfs, street, Wroclaw highlights, Wroclaw 2 day itinerary
The drunk dwarves are hiding out near their favorite snack and shot bar

24 hour snack and shots bars have been popping-up all throughout Poland. The concept is simple and so very Polish. These bars are based on the limited menu and options during the Soviet Communist era. Walk into one of these dimly lit bars, to find a painted menu or a chalkboard of rotating menu items located behind the bar.

These bars are trendy and filled with lively young people shooting shots of Vodka and pairing them with the pickled goodies. Items like: pickled herring, pickled vegetables, and of course, the beef tartar with an egg, can be seen at almost every table. The drink menu is simple, find beer, wine, coffee, but the most popular drink of course, is Polish vodka.

The prices are cheap and also a reminder of Communist times when food had to be paired with an alcoholic beverage. This concept had me feeling like I was participating in a version of “Polish Tapas.” However, the vodka felt a little more sneaky than a glass of wine. The bars have a fun and buzzing energy. They are quite popular with locals, university students, and now tourists.

Przedwojenna Bistro | A Must-Visit on Any Wroclaw 2 Day Itinerary

Przedwojenna Bistro, snack and shots bar, things to do in Wrocław, vodka shots, pickled veggies, plates, where to eat in Wroclaw, authentic experiences in Wroclaw
Przedwojenna Bistro is a highlight of a Wroclaw 2 day itinerary

Przedwojenna Bistro is the most popular snack and shot bar in Wroclaw. They offer a no frills approach on experiencing these trendy establishments. There is a drawn menu behind the bartender, pickled goodies, and plenty of chilled vodka. Of course, stop in at any time of the day, because they are open 24 hours! Find them here: Świętego Mikołaja 81

Wroclaw 2 Day Itinerary | Travel Deeper

Ząbkowice Śląskie, leaning tower of Ząbkowice Śląskie, day trips from Wroclaw, Poland destinations, buildings, street, tree, cloudy sky, bell tower
Poland has it’s own leaning tower! Whoa!

Wroclaw is such a great city and there really are so many things to do here! Two days should be the absolute minimum to explore this lively city. If you have more days, slow down, find hidden nooks and crannies, and really see why this city is so easy to fall in love with.

Travel deeper by adding some day trips to this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary. The best way to get off the beaten path is to rent a car and explore the nearby countryside of the Lower Silesian region. This authentic region of Poland has some hidden-treasures and small authentic villages.

Some highlights of this area include:

  • Zagórze Śląskie with it’s adorable castle and small reservoir retreat
  • Stołowe Mountains National Park in the corners of Poland
  • Broumovsko Protected Landscape Area in the neighboring Czech Republic
  • Ząbkowice Śląskie with it’s own “leaning tower”
  • Arboretum Wojsławice, a lovely botanical garden

Coming soon: 6 Awesome Day Trips from Wroclaw

Destinations to Explore After Wroclaw

Poland is such an amazing country and has many treasures from picturesque squares to towering mountains. Wondering where to go next from Wroclaw? Here’s two worthwhile destinations that are easy to reach via public transportation.


Poznań, Old Market Square, Stary Rynek Poznan, bright buildings, Town Hall, sky, day trips from Wroclaw, things to do in Poznan
Beautiful facades of the buildings in Old Market Square in Poznań, Poland

Poznań is super charming and boasts a magical old town market square, cheap and delicious food, a vibrant student population, an abundance of public green spaces and parks, and some genuinely friendly people. With a large student population of around 140,000 students, the city offers a youthful vibe.

This city is a popular day trip for most tourists. Most people only stop here for a few hours around noon to catch the bell tower show in the Old Market Square. After that, they usually head directly to Krakow or Warsaw and skip Wroclaw completely! After the busy lunchtime hour, the locals reemerge and take back the city.

With all the treasures that Poznań has to offer, it deserves much more than a couple of hours.

Itinerary Planning | 3 Diverse Days in Poznan, Poland’s most colorful city

Ways to Reach Poznań from Wroclaw

From Wroclaw, it’s easy to reach Poznań via bus or train.

By Bus

FlixBus runs direct daily departures from Wrocław DA. This is a new underground terminal with a modern shopping mall attached on top.

Travel Time: 2.5 – 3 hours | Average Ticket Cost: 27 PLN ($7.25 USD) | Check the current timetable & purchase tickets

By Train

Polish Trains runs direct trains daily and frequently to from Wrocław Glowny to Poznań Glowny. Trains depart more or less every hour and a half.

Travel Time: 2 hours & 45 min | Average Ticket Cost for a 2nd class ticket: 44 PLN ($11.75 USD) | Check the current timetable & purchase tickets here


Hiking High Tatras, grass, Wielki Staw, stunning mountain views, alpine lakes, clouds, sky, grass, stones, Tatra National Park
A viewpoint from the area of The Valley of the 5 Lakes in the Tatra Mountains

Zakopane makes an ideal base to explore the mighty Tatra Mountains. This little village is touristy, but there’s a lot to see and do. Listen to authentic folk music, or sample some traditional highland cuisine. Zakopane really is a delightful Polish village.

From Zakopane, take a day trip to the Chochołowskie Termy, one of my favorite thermal pools in Europe, with stunning mountain views and a “luxury 18+ Saunarium experience,” all for a reasonable price. There’s a small catch, for the Saunarium experience… you must bare it all and be nude. If being nude isn’t your thing, there are plenty of family friendly ticket options readily available.

Or, plan for an extreme adventure and hike through the Tatra National Park. One of the more adventurous itineraries crosses over the Rysy Summit at 8,200 feet, and takes you to Slovakia.

Hiking Guide | 3 Days Exploring the High Tatra Mountains | Download the Map here

How to Reach Zakopane from Wroclaw

From Wroclaw, there are direct buses to Zakopane via FlixBus. FlixBus also offers buses with transfers in Krakow. The information below is solely for those utilizing direct buses from Wrocław to Zakopane. The night bus is most convenient. FlixBus runs direct daily departures from Wrocław DA to Zakopane, usually 2 – 3 times a day.

FlixBus Logistics | Travel Time: around 6 hours | Average Ticket Cost: 70 PLN ($18.75 USD) | Check the current timetable & purchase tickets

Final Thoughts | The Perfect Wroclaw 2 Day Itinerary

Wroclaw, Poland has so many diverse things to do and is such an energetic and spirited city. While most tourist flock to Krakow and Warsaw, they skip over one of Poland’s finest gems: the incredible city of Wroclaw.

This Wroclaw 2 day itinerary highlights the city’s main points of interest and other hidden gems. From the cities cheeky dwarves, inviting Market Square, twisty riverside promenades, and the rise of an urban art culture, Wroclaw should be on every traveler’s radar. On top of the popular sites, eat traditional food from the authentic Milky Bars, sip on Polish vodka at a shots and snacks bars, or eat any kind of food imaginable on a trendy hipster street.

If you have time to travel deeper, add on a few day trips to this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary. The Lower Silesian region has some amazing little gems hidden in the nearby countryside. Wroclaw has a bustling central train and bus station, so it’s easily connected to popular Polish destinations like Poznań and Zakopane.

Have you visited Wroclaw before? Did you find this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary helfpful? Did you visit any of these highlights from this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary? Am I missing something from this Wroclaw 2 day itinerary that you absolutely loved? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: There’s a chance this post contains affiliate links, and I receive a small (but grateful) portion of the sale. There’s no extra cost to you, and I only promote things that I use and love.

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    1. Yes girl!! You will absolutely love Wroclaw. There are so many special and hidden nooks and crannies within the colorful city. I hope you can travel there in the near future! 💕

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